In this episode of the Business Growth Architect Show, we connect with Paul Baron who is the founder and CEO of the Wall Printer, a revolutionary vertical printing technology.  He explains the criteria he applied that made him choose this business over others. He emphasizes that he is product and technology agnostic, often taking equity positions and owning products in various companies. But this particular one, he had to own. Find out why in this episode.


Next we focus on what Paul calls the new rules of selling and how you can find, attract, and nurture customers and potential partnerships.


Paul shares his extensive experience of bringing products to market and how he forms strategic relationships, and drives revenue opportunities. 


Throughout the episode, we discuss leveraging new technologies and social media in marketing, and identifying market gaps to meet existing needs. We also highlight the importance of human interaction and building trust with customers, especially as most other businesses neglect these criteria in the digital age.


Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the new rules of selling and how businesses can adapt to thrive in today’s competitive market. Paul Baron is an award winning Entrepreneur and his expertise and experience are remarkable. I enjoyed having him on the show.




What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Paul believes in applying the new rules of selling and how they can be used to find, attract, and nurture customers and potential partnerships for the benefit of a business.
  • Paul emphasizes why you need to pivot and react to change in order to stay successful.
  • Paul highlights the importance of leveraging new technologies and social media in marketing strategies.
  • Paul emphasizes the value of understanding one’s target market and identifying market gaps.
  • Paul’s expertise and experience have led him to create and support over 130 new businesses in the past three years.

Time Stamps:

00:00:00 Using New Rules Of Selling To Grow Your Business: Insights From Paul Baron On The Business Growth Architect Show
00:04:04 Adapting to the New Rules of Selling: Empowering the Consumer and Learning How to Roll with the Punches
00:05:20 Unleashing the Power: How Technology Empowers Salespeople to Drive Success
00:09:57 Mastering the Art of Influence: Balancing Reputation Management and Social Media for Sales Success
00:13:33 Unveiling the Path to Success: Exploring Technology, Profits, and the Business of Wall Printing
00:17:23 Unleashing the Profit Potential: Why Elements Wall Printers Showed Tht Made it Such a Viable Business Opportunity
00:18:49 Breaking Ground: Becoming the Pioneer in New Business Ideas in Your Community
00:27:41 The Wall Printer: Award-Winning Company Secures $100,000 Investment and Inspires Other Entrepreneurs and Pays it Forward


Resources Mentioned:

Paul Baron: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Identifying market gaps and meeting existing needs is key to business success. - Paul Baron Click To Tweet Expose a need that people have that they didn't know they have or make something that exists and make it a lot better. - Paul Baron Click To Tweet Find an existing need, sell to it, and make your product or service stand out from your competitors. - Paul Baron Click To Tweet


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