Sales! Get ready for this exciting episode of the Business Growth Architect Show that will take the fear and discomfort out of sales. In this show, Jeremy Pope, who writes the Sales Call Overhaul newsletter and hosts the matching podcast, takes us on a journey into the world of sales calls. We talk about improving your skill set, specifically how you can get better at sales while being honest.


My favorite part about this interview is when Jeremy tells you how to handle the money you are about to make from a prospect. I bet you have wondered many times, when is the best time to bring up the cost.


Being truthful when selling is a big deal in this episode. Jeremy tells us how believing in what you’re selling and getting your sales team to do the same, while making sure everything is solid – like the way things work and the stuff you’re selling – is super important. 


He says that showing your salespeople good stories from happy customers can make them feel good about what they’re selling.


Lastly, we talk about something cool: sharing work and listening to different ideas. Jeremy shares a story about when he realized that even if he’s good at something, he can let others who are better at it help him. This means he can focus on what he’s really good at, and it gives him more time to grow.


Overall, this episode shows some shortcuts around sales calls, how you can better at selling, being honest, having a plan, and working well with others. Jeremy Pope knows a lot and shares helpful advice for people who want to improve how they sell things and make their business bigger. 


Sales. You need it. Listen to this episode.



What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Jeremy discusses how many individuals fall into the trap of constantly learning more knowledge and skills, thinking that if they just knew how to do certain things, they would be successful. He also shares what happens instead and it is not what you want.
  • Jeremy is passionate about Sales Call Overhauls, and he shares insights and strategies for improving your sales calls – a must listen episode.
  • Jeremy emphasizes the importance of emotional maturity in leaders and how it impacts the growth and scalability of small companies. He believes that leaders need to grow out of the perpetual desire for adding more and instead focus on building a solid foundation for their businesses.
  • Jeremy points out how mindset plays a critical role in business success and how 70% of the coaching he provides revolves around addressing the beliefs and mindset of founders.
  • Jeremy outlines the value of delegating tasks and embracing different perspectives. He shares his personal experience of learning to let go of tasks that while good at them, he had to focus on more important responsibilities.

Time Stamps:

00:10:47 The Feast And Famine Cycle: A Common Challenge For Small Business Owners Summary: This Passage Discusses Three Important Aspects
00:12:52 Effective Delegation: Key To Successful Business Management
00:16:51 Vulnerability And Bravery In Addressing Sales Challenges
00:20:36 The Importance Of Market Research And Ideal Client Avatars In Business Coaching
00:23:57 Creating An Effective Offer: Simplifying Without Overcomplicating
00:28:14 Prioritizing Scalability And Simplification In New Offerings
00:31:16 The Messiness Of Business Growth And The Importance Of Salesperson Confidence
00:35:40 Building Trust In Salespeople For Success In Business
00:36:41 The Dangers Of Trying To Cover Too Many Roles In Marketing
00:41:46 Optimizing And Overhauling The Sales Team Build-out Process
00:48:47 The Power Of The Price Upfront Technique In Sales
00:53:46 Importance Of Learning Sales Skills


Resources Mentioned:

Jeremy Pope: Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram


Ideas Worth Sharing:

I'm a pretty average salesperson with some really good mental structures and systems in place. - Jeremy Pope Click To Tweet I actually know what I'm doing. I deliver real results. - Jeremy Pope Click To Tweet What matters most is how well you lead. If you're not good at leading, you can't make your business grow. - Jeremy Pope Click To Tweet


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