In this episode of the “Business Growth Architect Show,” Chandler Walker from Culture of Care will tackle your fear and discomfort of sales head on. He emphasizes the importance of going into sales conversations without being manipulative, aggressive, or sleazy. He compares sales to a sport and shares what you can do to be excited about going into sales conversations.


Throughout the episode, Chandler sheds light on common sales mistakes, such as overusing positivity in statements, and reveals the root causes of sales call anxiety. No worries here, he shares practical strategies on how you can conquer these challenges! Learn how to embrace nervousness, let thoughts and feelings flow naturally, and master the art of genuine communication with your prospects and clients.


We also explore the concept of effective communication as a sales method rather than a mere strategy. By understanding how thoughts and beliefs are organized and learning to challenge roadblocks, you can communicate with your prospects and clients in a way that is well-defined, confident, and comes across as genuine. The importance of avoiding ego-driven conversations and allowing the dialogue to flow naturally is critical to be a trusted advisor who helps your client uncover the real reason why investing in you is critical for them to get what they want.


Overall, this episode of the “Business Growth Architect Show” provides valuable insights into the art of sales, effective communication, and personal growth, leaving the audience with practical strategies to enhance their sales skills and build meaningful relationships with clients.



What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Chandler emphasizes the importance of ethical sales practices, highlighting the need to sell without being manipulative, aggressive, or sleazy.
  • Chandler emphasizes the importance of going deeper into your clients real desires and how that maximizes your client success rates.
  • Chandler discusses the subconscious boycott mode and resistance to change that your prospects most likely experience. 
  • Chandler introduces the concept of cognitive questioning in sales. He explains that cognitive biases often hide deep within individuals and can impact their decision-making. 
  • Chandler shares a common scenario of how a prospect may approach you and how you can turn this into finding more clients and closing deals efficiently.

Time Stamps:

00:05:46 The Art Of Ethical Sales: A Conversation With Chandler Walker
00:09:44 Analyzing The Mismatched Messaging In Communication
00:12:12 The Search For More Clients: Closing Deals Efficiently
00:15:12 Eliciting Doubt And Shifting Perspectives: Revealing The Need For Help
00:19:05 Ethical Considerations And Deep-seated Problems In Weight Loss Coaching
00:21:58 Shifting Perspective And Addressing The Root Of The Issue
00:23:42 Going Deeper: The Importance Of Client Success In Coaching
00:25:37 The Importance Of System And Compassion In Sales Conversations
00:27:16 Anticipating And Addressing Objections In The Coaching World
00:29:09 The Art Of Detaching From The Need To Sell
00:33:17 Overcoming The Fear Of Rejection: Using Yeah, But Statements To Combat Negative Thoughts
00:35:12 Simplifying And Streamlining Approach To Sales
00:37:36 Prioritizing Ego Hinders Organic Conversation  


Resources Mentioned:

Chandler Walker: Website | LinkedIn  | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Sales is not about manipulation or aggressive tactics. It's about genuinely helping people and solving their problems. - Chandler Walker Click To Tweet Change can be uncomfortable, but it's necessary for growth. Embrace it and be open to feedback and learning. - Chandler Walker Click To Tweet Sales is not a transaction, it's a relationship. Treat your customers with compassion and empathy, and they will become loyal advocates for your business. - Chandler Walker Click To Tweet


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