In this episode of the “Business Growth Architect Show,” with Robbie Phoenixx to discuss the trials and rewards of embracing the bohemian lifestyle. We delve into the importance of networking, artistic persistence, teamwork, and passion in pursuing creative ideas. Robbie shares his experience of acquiring a tour bus as part of his overarching strategy, highlighting the dedication and financial investment required to bring his vision to life.

We also touch upon the challenges of navigating opportunities in a challenging time, emphasizing the need for cash flow and seizing opportunities amidst the chaos. The conversation further explores the significance of role models, research, and networking in pursuing artistic innovation. Robbie encourages aspiring artists to read up on their role models and surround themselves with supportive friends and mentors.

This episode concludes with a discussion on the importance of combining creativity with a business mindset for success. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and advice for creatives looking to make their mark in the industry.




What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Robbie discusses the cost of going on tour and the benefits of owning their own tour bus.
  • Robbie shares insights on the importance of using your creative skills to gain a competitive edge in various industries. He emphasizes the need to think outside the box and find unique approaches to authority building and productized solutions.
  • The episode delves into Robbie’s personal journey of balancing his corporate background with his passion for music. It highlights the challenges he faced and how he managed to find success by leveraging his skills and connections in both worlds.
  • This episode with Robbie Pheonixx explores how a filmmaker’s support played a crucial role in propelling his success in a mini-series. It showcases the power of collaboration and the impact it can have on an artist’s career.
  • Robbie discusses the financial investments required to acquire and maintain a tour bus, highlighting the challenges and sacrifices artists often face in pursuit of their dreams.


Time Stamps:

00:09:16 The Transition And Combination Of Corporate And Music Backgrounds: Getting To Know Robbie
00:11:06 From Field Experience To Competitive Expertise: Creating The Competitive Intelligence Unit At Verizon’s Mid Market Enterprise
00:18:56 The Journey To Convince Live Nation: A Personal Reflection On The Music Industry
00:24:07 Emotional Collaboration: Song About Gun Violence Inspired By Sandy Hook Incident
00:27:28 Evolution And Transformation: Embracing The Music Industry
00:31:03 Benefits Of Owning A Tour Bus For Bands
00:36:15 The Importance Of Teamwork And Passion In Pursuing Creative Ideas
00:38:17 The Importance Of Role Models, Research, And Networking In Pursuing Artistic Innovation


Resources Mentioned:

Robbie Phoenixx: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook


Ideas Worth Sharing:

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