In this episode of “Business Growth Architect Show”, Jonathan Zacks, the founder and CEO of Go Reminders, explains just how much money you lose when you don’t manage appointments and how to overcome the challenges around making clients show up for their appointments that many small business owners are facing. He explores the psychology behind the search for the perfect business client and brings this piece to life by drawing parallels to personal relationships. Jonathan emphasizes the importance of vetting potential clients diligently before they book an appointment and not settling for just any client, but rather finding the ones that align with your business goals.


Throughout the episode, Jonathan provides valuable tips on increasing show-up rates for appointments. He discusses crafting effective reminder messages, timing them appropriately, and shares strategies for reconnecting with scheduled clients who ended up ghosting you. He also highlights the significance of growing thick skin. 


One of my favorite pieces is his advice on taking personal responsibility in business, emphasizing that consistent action is crucial.


Overall, this episode provides practical advice and strategies for managing appointments effectively, ensuring higher show-up rates, and attracting qualified leads. 


Jonathan’s makes it relatable and easy to understand, making it a valuable resource for business owners looking to optimize their appointment management processes.


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Jonathan Zacks emphasizes the importance of appointment management, addressing challenges like last-minute cancellations and no-shows, and emphasizing the need for effective strategies to ensure clients honor their scheduled appointments. 
  • The psychology behind commitment avoidance and money prioritization, offering valuable insights into ghosting and avoidance, along with practical strategies for re-engaging no-shows. 
  • Jonathan shared insights on the importance of taking responsibility, cultivating resilience, and actively pursuing success. He gives an important reminder that the effectiveness of coaching depends on the individual’s proactive actions and desire for personal growth, rather than solely relying on the coach’s guidance. 
  • The importance for business owners to proactively identify genuine interest from potential clients, rather than hope or a fingers crossed strategy, to ensure more effective appointment scheduling. 
  •  Jonathan advises the balance between specialization and market positioning in revenue generation, highlighting the significance of creating diverse entry points where individuals can self-identify their needs, desires, and the potential of becoming a formidable competitor to attract clients who are immediately drawn to the services offered.


Time Stamps:

00:05:47 Solving The Problem Of No Shows With Automated Reminders
00:08:35 The Challenge Of No Show Appointments: Solvable But Variable Across Industries
00:12:37 Challenges With Scheduling And Communication Systems
00:15:20 Navigating The Challenges Of Lead Vetting And Appointment Setting
00:16:59 Engaging Participants And Qualifying Leads For Successful Calls
00:19:53 The Search For The Perfect Business Client: A Psychological Perspective
00:22:58 The Importance Of Qualifying Clients For Successful Sales Growth
00:25:31 Giving People An Opportunity To Address Misconceptions
00:28:24 The Importance Of Separating Personal Relationships From Building A Business
00:31:15 Frustration Over Time Wasted On Uncommitted Individuals In Business
00:35:48 The Importance Of Personal Effort In Coaching
00:37:41 Eliminating No Shows: Filling Your Calendar With Qualified Leads
00:40:31 Limited Sales Approach In The Business, Focusing On Customer Support


Resources Mentioned:

Jonathan Zacks : Website | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook


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You always want to assume the best, such as people not just blowing you off because often, there are just random emergencies. - Jonathan Zacks Click To Tweet Essentially, people think of coaching as though it's a course and it's like something like a class you take in college. - Jonathan Zacks Click To Tweet We have to differentiate as business owners between appointments people want to have and appointments people don't want to have. - Jonathan Zacks Click To Tweet


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