In the “Business Growth Architect Show” Podcast, Ken Lizotte and I discuss effective PR strategies, including idea generation, pitch organization, and the five pillars of thought leadership.


One key idea we discussed was following your passion and focusing on what you genuinely care about when generating your speaking, article, or book topics for maximum exposure. Find out about the importance of authenticity and personal interest when selecting your topics. Diverse, audience-resonating topics can arise from different facets of your own expertise. Think about it this way. By breaking down the components of your expertise and not overthinking it, a diverse range of relevant topics can typically easily emerge.


Another concept you want to know about is how to organize pitches and hooks to drive effective business development. When you understand the importance of structuring and fleshing out ideas it will help your audience to understand and engage with your message. By identifying the specific business you’re in and aligning your topics with your goals, you can leverage business development as a powerful tool for success.


During the episode, you will learn what the five pillars of thought leadership are and why consistently publishing ideas and sharing your expertise through articles, books, or presentations is the key to building your authority. Ken drove home how speaking engagements are the single most important pillar, enabling thought leaders to connect with their audience and effectively impart knowledge. Lastly, we discussed the final pillar of thought leadership that will help you to become a thought leader and stand out and provide innovative solutions to your clients.

Overall, you want to listen to this episode if you do not get engagement on what you are posting or sharing so that you can learn the secrets to generating topics, organizing pitches, and understanding the pillars of thought leadership. Most importantly the only rule is to follow your passion, effectively structuring ideas, and leveraging the key platforms, you can establish yourself as a recognized thought leader and transform your business development, recognition and relationships.


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to achieve and use the byline of being a best-selling author to significantly change how you are being perceived and your business development.
  • What the five pillars of thought leadership are and how to use them to drive your business growth.
  • How to find out which publishing channels will be the most effective for your business.
  • Why focus on what you are passionate about and will resonate with your clients when you share through speaking, article, or book topics.
  • Don’t overthink the process; try different approaches and see what works.


Time Stamps:

00:03:15 Writing A Bestselling Book: Changing Lives, Businesses, And Expectations
00:08:34 Becoming A Thought Leader And Making An Impact Through Speaking
00:12:30 The Five Pillars Of Thought Leading: Publishing Your Ideas
00:17:38 The Significance Of Organizing Pitches And Hooks For Effective Business Development
00:22:00 Navigating The World Of Publishing And Speaking Engagements


Resources Mentioned:

Ken Lizotte: Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Publishing your ideas is number one, the single most important to thought leadership.- @kenlizotte Click To Tweet You as a business owner or as an expert do get to make the decision on whether or not you want to have a life.- @kenlizotte Click To Tweet You don't just do what is out there, you do what's in here - inside of you and what you care about with your clients. - @kenlizotte Click To Tweet


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