Are you ready to unlock your full potential in just 12 minutes a day? John Mitchell is an entrepreneur and success mentor, specializing in teaching the “Science of Success” and eight foundational life skills to high achievers. As the founder of Think It… Be It!, he has dedicated his career to empowering driven entrepreneurs who are already earning six figures annually to transcend their current financial status and achieve the remarkable milestone of netting over $1 million per year.

Listen in as John opens up about his personal journey of dissatisfaction at the age of 50 and his determination to change his life. You’ll hear about how he developed his 12-minute daily technique that led to remarkable success in his own life, his three-step process, and the importance of alignment and congruence between personal beliefs and goals.

By following John’s technique, you can experience a sense of control and immense confidence—and see the right actions happen automatically. Don’t miss learning how to unlock your full potential and take control of your success journey!

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Crucial factors for achieving success.
  • The book that shifted John’s quest for success.
  • How he used the book to develop his 12-minute daily technique.
  • How he tested his technique in a new venture in the reverse mortgage field.
  • What John’s three-step process consists of.

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What is your succinct business plan? What is your strategy for success? What are the two or three things that move the needle in the business? Where do you want to be in three years from now? – John Mitchell Click To Tweet

If it's possible for somebody else, it's possible for you. – John Mitchell Click To Tweet

You're playing the game of life at 10 to 20% of your potential. – John Mitchell Click To Tweet

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