Do you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your full potential in business? In this episode, we speak with Lauren Fonvielle, an Integrative Energy Practitioner & Coach specializing in EFT/Tapping. With years of experience helping entrepreneurs reduce anxiety, stress, and limiting beliefs, Lauren joins the show to discuss the crucial role that our thoughts and mindset play in our business success.

Listen in as Lauren emphasizes the importance of feeling our emotions and checking in with ourselves to identify how we’re feeling. She shares valuable insights on how anxiety presents itself in our physical body, the data behind tapping and how it reduces cortisol, and more. You’ll learn how you can break through obstacles—physical, mental, or emotional—and feel calmer in your body to show up as your true authentic self in your business.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The importance of feeling your emotions rather than ignoring them.
  • How your thoughts and mindset impact your business.
  • How anxiety presents itself in your physical body.
  • The data behind tapping and how it reduces cortisol.
  • The benefit of checking in with ourselves about how we’re feeling.
  • The power in saying your negative thoughts or feelings out loud.
  • How to be more in tune with your intuitive nudges.

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How we show up in our business is important, and how we show up depends on our thoughts. – Lauren Fonvielle Click To Tweet

When you have a reduction in stress, you can think more clearly. – Lauren Fonvielle Click To Tweet

Our thoughts impact our feelings, and then our feelings impact our actions, and then our actions impact our results. – Lauren Fonvielle Click To Tweet

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