Everyone talks about networking, connections, and community, but what does it really mean? And where do you even begin with building genuine relationships with new people? Inbal Claudio is the creator of Like-Minded Collective, a social media platform for female founders. In this episode, Inbal joins the show to share the best way to build genuine relationships with like-minded people that will amplify your business. 

Listen in as Inbal explains the importance of being authentic, as well as how to build an engaged network of people who are in the same industry as you. You will learn how to monetize your business through your community, the importance of sharing the knowledge that you have, and why you don’t always have to have everything figured out.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What it means to be connected.
  • The importance of networking with like-minded people.
  • How to build genuine relationships with people.
  • The key to engagement.
  • How to monetize based on your community.
  • Why it is essential that you learn how to ask for help.

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Ideas Worth Sharing:

You get to know someone as a person and that’s how you build a genuine connection. You don't try to sell them something. You don’t ask if you can add them to your email list. You just genuinely get to know them. – @Like_Minded_Co Click To Tweet

Look for people who are doing what you’re doing but are five steps ahead of you. – @Like_Minded_Co Click To Tweet

When women get in a room with other women, the conversation is very different than when men are around. – @Like_Minded_Co Click To Tweet

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