Increasing your income is a driver for many business owners, however, this often leads to burnout or becoming overworked. So, how can you grow your business and income while also getting your life back? As the founder of The Leveraged Business program, Fabienne Fredrickson has reverse-engineered how she scaled her business to several million annually while remaining powerfully feminine. In this episode, Fabienne joins the show to share the elements of a leveraged business that will take you from being overwhelmed at 6-figures to 7-figures with multiple months of vacation per year.

Listen in as Fabienne explains what will happen if you continue to be the bottleneck for your business where nothing can happen without going through you first. You will learn how to build a business that can successfully run without you, how to get bigger results with less effort and why you must have help to make transformation happen.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The importance of trusting your team.
  • Why it is essential to create systems.
  • How to remove yourself from your business.
  • What will happen if you rely on your business as your “feel-good” replacement.
  • How to ensure you have a successful business exit.
  • How to approach leverage.
  • Why what got you here will not get you to where you’re going.

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Ideas Worth Sharing:

What got you here won’t get you there. – Fabienne Fredrickson Click To Tweet

Your belief systems, identity, and subconscious are what drive behavior. People don’t take action from the conscious things they think, they take action from what they really believe on a subconscious level. – Fabienne Fredrickson Click To Tweet

Women thrive in communities. Isolation breeds self-doubt. – Fabienne Fredrickson Click To Tweet

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