Throughout the pandemic, children everywhere struggled to stay on top of their studies. Schools shut down, homeschooling became the only option, and children were forced to learn in completely new settings with entirely different environments. As things have opened up again, parents are starting to wonder whether their children are still on track and how to set them up for success in the coming years. Here to dive into this topic is Roman Slavinsky, Owner and Founder of A+ Tutoring. He joins the show to share his advice on empowering your child and creating a positive atmosphere for this school year.

Listen in as Roman explains the importance of having open conversations with your children to ensure you understand where they are and how they’re feeling. You will learn how to make sure your child can solve problems on their own, how to help children feel confident asking questions, and the benefit of sharing your vulnerabilities with your children.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What the PACE method is and how this can help your children learn.
  • The importance of having open conversations with your children.
  • How to ensure your children have accountability for their own work.
  • How to empower your child to have more self-advocacy.
  • The importance of helping your children have confidence in themselves.
  • How to help your children overcome the fear of embarrassment.

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Have an open conversation with your child about what’s working and what’s not. – Roman Slavinsky Click To Tweet

You can catch up when you’re building a house, but you need to make sure that the foundation is stable. – Roman Slavinsky Click To Tweet

Show your own vulnerability to your kids. – Roman Slavinsky Click To Tweet

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