How important is strategy? Is it something that you should dedicate time to every single day? Or is strategy simply something that will fall into place over time? Our guests today believe that strategizing may be more important than you think. Powerhouse duo Krystal and Josh Galindo, Co-Founders and Co-Owners of Galindo Group Real Estate, join the show to share their incredible journey to success, including the challenging hurdles they faced along the way and how they utilize strategy and mindset.

Listen in as they explain how they manage such a huge company whilst raising a family and battling health issues. You will learn the importance of good communication, what motivates them to work hard, and how they hope to create a powerful impact on the people in their lives.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Josh and Krystal’s definition of strategy.
  • How to utilize strategy.
  • The power of good communication.
  • What the secret to success is.
  • The importance of keeping a positive mindset.
  • What motivates them to work hard.

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Ideas Worth Sharing:

Everything I do is strategic to reach the end game. – Krystal Galindo Click To Tweet

Strategizing is the secret to success. – Josh Galindo Click To Tweet

Mindset trumps everything. – Josh Galindo Click To Tweet

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