Today’s guest is someone I have listened to for years, and it’s an absolute dream to have JV Crum III on the show to talk about the mindset behind successful and meaningful strategy. He joins me for this episode to share transformational insight into the effectiveness of mindset work, as well as how you can use it to upgrade your life, business, and impact.

Listen in as JV opens up about his view on the future of entrepreneurship and why he believes it’s so important that your product or service has intrinsic value. You’ll learn how consciousness and intention are involved in business and the ways that it can influence your strategy and outcome. I’ll also share the magical transformation that happened to me, how it happened, and what came out of it.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The role of mindset in money and in vision.
  • The difference between intrinsic value and marketed value.
  • How consciousness is involved in business and strategy.
  • The most important realization JV had about the meaning and purpose of life.
  • The seven principles of money mindset.
  • How identity affects your opportunity.
  • The importance of flow and how to get in it.
  • How to stop chasing lack.

Resources Mentioned:

Ideas Worth Sharing:

The future of entrepreneurship is building only products and services that have intrinsic value, not just marketed value. – @JVCrum Click To Tweet Getting to that mountaintop or achieving X doesn’t make us somebody—all it does is it changes the level we can play, who we can play with, and the impact we have since we can play bigger. – @JVCrum Click To Tweet The driver isn’t money. The real driver is impact, making positive change, uplifting humanity, and shifting human beings lives to a higher level. – @JVCrum Click To Tweet

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