Differentiating between business tactics and business strategy is highly important when it comes to succeeding in online business—or any business for that matter. Fernando Campos, a serial e-commerce entrepreneur, joins us today to share from his experience building brands in different online markets and generating growth and revenue in that area. He offers incredible insight and tips on the importance of long-term strategy, selecting the right products, and more.

Listen in as Fernando talks about business strategy and all things online marketing to give you a solid sense of how online business can achieve massive success. You’ll hear the importance of surpassing ego and asking for help in order to allow yourself and your business to grow, as well as insight on delegation, leadership, hiring, and the evolution of priorities and impact.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The most valuable thing to realize early on as a CEO or entrepreneur.
  • Fernando’s background in tech and how he got started in online business.
  • The important difference between a tactic and a strategy.
  • Where Fernando draws his values from and how they have evolved.
  • How to shift out of the know-it-all mode as a leader.

Resources Mentioned:

Ideas Worth Sharing:

A tactic is more short-term focused, where a strategy is focused on the long-term. – Fernando Campos Click To Tweet It’s all about getting over that ego and asking for help—hire people with more experience. – Fernando Campos Click To Tweet One of the amazing things about entrepreneurship is that as you’re able to meet some of those lower-level needs, it gives you the space to think about other exciting things. – Fernando Campos Click To Tweet

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