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We bring you cutting-edge strategies from the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, business transformation experts, and visionaries. Joining the show today is David Meltzer, who is known for his impact in the worlds of entrepreneurship, sports, and self-development. He shares incredible insight into happiness, achievement, and the evolution of strategy.

Listen in as David discusses the empowering way of thinking that has helped him and many others find success and happiness. He shares the fascinating connection that we should be making between pain, protection, and promotion—and why that connection is so important to our success and growth. You will also get some key insight into making better decisions and ensuring that you maintain growth and gratitude throughout your life.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • David’s mission and how he goes about empowering and elevating people.
  • Why there is always something else and we are never done.
  • The impact of having new day resolutions.
  • How strategy has evolved for David and how he uses it now.
  • The strategy of non-negotiables.
  • What it takes to harness possibility, probability, and perspective.
  • The importance of remembering the integrity of your home.
  • How to get a FREE copy of David’s book.

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I’ve been blessed to empower others to empower others. – @davidmeltzer Click To Tweet So many people focus on what other people want for them, and they end up getting what other people want. – @davidmeltzer Click To Tweet The difference between imagining what you want and being inspired makes the possibility a probability. – @davidmeltzer Click To Tweet

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