Living Intentionally

What Does That Mean: Living Intentionally? Many of us have watched the changes in our country’s leadership with grave concern, and these concerns have unleashed a flood of emotions. From sheer disbelief to outspoken resistance, we’ve each been reacting in our own way....

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Let’s Help Each Other

Let’s Be Clear About A Few Things Clarity leads to breakthrough. Do your goals need a little bit more clarity? What’s most important to you? Please answer these three questions: What are the three main things you want to accomplish this year? How are you going to do...

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Let’s Help Each Other Soar

It’s been a difficult year for many of us. Like me, you may be still feeling the crushing loss of the Presidential election. Not to worry, I won’t make this political. I only wish to share a few thoughts with you about success. The Women’s Code focuses on fostering...

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How To Save The World

My most favorite thing about you is your creativity. Because creativity makes everything better. The world needs a lot of creative solutions now. People are crazy angry, sore winners, disappointed losers, our President-to-be is hostile, and there are angry old white...

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Other People’s Demands on Me

Imagine me sitting in the Seattle Airport lounge overlooking the tarmac with a drink in hand. It’s a bustle down there. In the distance I see snowcaps on the mountains. The adorable Millennial couple sitting next to me is explaining to their two kids that the guy at...

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How Women Build Confidence

Have you had a down day lately? I have. I told the man in my life that if he is looking for me this weekend, I’ll be in my girl cave. Sometimes no matter how successful we are our confidence evaporates and we feel like losers. Things are not coming together; we are...

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