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Growth Architecture

Strategies to Grow, Build and Scale Your Business

Growing, Building & Scaling Businesses with Growth Architect Beate Chelette

Beate Chelette’s Growth Architecture

The 5-Star Success Blueprint is our proprietary 5-Step System to grow, build and scale businesses. Our clients reach their growth goals in a systematic and simple way and it is the exact system I used to scale and sell my own business to Bill Gates for millions. Our customized programs position diverse leaders for success. We have helped to improve tens- of thousands of businesses and leaders. What we do works for two reasons. First, everything we do is intrinsically connected to global business objectives. Secondly the 5-Star Success Blueprint allows us to work with start-ups and Fortune 100 companies because our assessment methodology allows us to pinpoint where the business is at, where it might be stuck, which step may have been overlooked and which one comes next. 

Beate Chelette has been named one of 50 must-follow women Entrepreneurs and been named as one of top 10 compelling women business bloggers by Ladybossblogger. Beate has developed a bullet proof framework for business success based on her professional and personal experiences – including surviving 9/11, the 2011 Tsunami, the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, and the 1992 LA Riots among other disasters. 

Our customized programs position diverse leaders for success and because we love business and have helped to improved tens- of thousands of them, everything we do is intrinsically connected to your business objectives. On whether you want us to devise a custom program, work with Beate one-on-one or invest into one of our online courses, we can provide you with the mindset, strategy and implementation that you and your business need to drive growth. 

Partner with us to fine-tune business strategies, develop your high potentials, create employee development programs to achieve a diverse and engaged culture that brings you a measurable ROI on your investment.

“You either save time or money, in the end your investment always costs the same.”

Beate Chelette

All of our clients start on a different run of the 5-Step ladder which is why our process begins with an Uncovery Session. Where you will fall depends entirely on your business and your goals. Here is a quick overview of Beate Chelette’s 5 Star Success Blueprint.


Transforming Passion Into Profits

The first step of Growth Architecture’s 5 Star Success Blueprint focuses on defining your business model and clarifying your verbiage so that you can speak with more confidence and secure more and better paying clients.

​​In this stage, we address these elements:
  • Clear, concise, and compelling verbiage that explains to your clients what you offer
  • Your ability to answer their question “Why you?” with confidence and clarity
  • A deep understanding of what clients need to hear from you that will make them say yes more often
  • How to connect your passion with your value proposition so that you can have conversations – not sales calls
What clients care about:

How can you make your clients/customers lives easier, better, more enjoyable, more profitable, and more fun?If you are talking to investors they only care about how they make their money back. 

To answer this question, we will together in one day or two virtual half days create compelling language that explains how your business provides this by following the 5 modules of the first step of Growth Architecture. To take a look at the five modules and how this VIP Day will help you to find more clients please go here.

Not sure if this is right for you? Book your Uncovery Session to find out where your business is at and what step you are in.


Your Guide To Closing Higher Sales Through Value Driven Packages

You have a brilliant solution to your customer’s problems. But you are not sure how to price it and create an outstanding value for your service or product. You want what you do be incomparable to other low-cost providers. Because that’s just not you. Or, you offer a service and have been repeatedly asked to give them the low-ball price and you just don’t have the arguments ready and seamless that state factually why you are better, different and incomparable. You are not alone, it takes some finessing and compelling verbiage to demonstrate your unique value proposition while maintaining a competitive price. Every business is about selling, and selling is simply a transfer of confidence. You want a Blueprint that enables you to transfer your confidence to customers so they are willing to pay you the money you deserve.

Sales are simply a transfer of confidence. They need to believe in what you believe.

I will walk you through dozens of scenarios to help refine your pricing and position yourself correctly in your market. In addition, I will show you three must-know elements for maximum sales—and how to set prices you never thought you could charge. You will also learn how to package your offers in a way that increases their value to the consumer without eroding your profits.

The training includes a Myers Briggs personality assessment that teaches you about your innate personality in sales. Suddenly it becomes clear what the other personality types need to hear from you to feel confident that you are the right provider.

When we work together you’ll get my formulas on the spot including my powerful Conversation Close script that can skyrocket your conversion rates by over 50%. This training has been used by Dell Computers, Creatives, Photographers, Coaches, Consultants, Branding Agencies, Medical Clinics and even a Fashion School and created hundreds of thousands of dollars in income. To sign up and work with Beate one-on-one please click here.

Not sure if this is right for you? Book your Uncovery Session to find out where your business is at and what step you are in.

Operations Management Strategies for Resilient People, Leaders & Teams

Please check back soon, program is in development. 

The Future of Leadership

We interviewed CEOs, CHROs, People and Culture Officers, as well as Diversity and Leadership experts. We asked them how the events of 2020 will affect the Future of Leadership and what we need to do to prepare leaders for.

There were four underlying themes that we uncovered and published in our Insights Paper about The Future of Leadership – A Return to Humanity.

  • Theme 1: Safe Spaces
  • Theme 2: Transparent Engagement
  • Theme 3: New Business Code
  • Theme 4: Equitable Workforce

Organizations know that increasing gender diversity and equality is not only the right thing to do but also has a positive impact on their bottom line. Many companies have some type of DEI program in place, or ERG’s, but find it is not sufficiently effective. Most struggle to bridge the gap between the necessity of educational programs as they do not know how to make a compelling business case that clearly demonstrates the benefits.

Gender parity, equal pay, diverse employee retention, and persuading predominantly white male decision makers to buy into your initiatives requires a concerted and consistent effort. We need to be transparent about the challenges that the internal drivers of these challenges have as well – there is fragility around difficult and uncomfortable conversations for a multitude of reasons. How do you get the funds allocated and then the buy-in? We help you find answer and solutions to these questions. Our focus is on designing and delivering the “how” that structures and maximizes existing programs or creates new mentorship and sponsorship initiatives. It has to be clear that this is a benefit to ALL employees, including the men, to be effective.

The Women’s Code as part of The Growth Architect’s 5-Star Success Blueprint delivers through strategic engagements such as discovery phases, facilitation, consulting, keynotes, coaching, breakout sessions, workshops, professional development, micro experiences, and implementation roll-out. We also provide equality analytics and assessments as part of our engagement solution. To find out more about our leadership and team building solutions please go here.

Strategies to Grow, Build and Scale Your Business

This high-level step is for business achievers who are aiming high and want to set up their businesses for a quantum leap. Things are working well, your business is making money, you’ve assembled a team, and you’re consistently achieving goals. Now your future growth and business scaling efforts must be clearly defined so that you can reverse engineer your implementation strategy. We design, calibrate and fine-tune your personalized growth path. This VIP Day also works for partnerships as in this phase often clarification of roles and responsibilities are needed to scale your business.

This step begins the shift from business owner to business leader. We’ll examine the specific actions needed to initiate the jump that gets your business to the next level. This VIP Day is highly customized for you and covers aspects such as writing an organizational growth chart, to examining best practices for your teams, to establishing hiring practices and standard operational procedures. In Step 4 we clarified your organizational management and leadership style and now you focus on maximizing your business’ human potential as well as the automation, processes and systems that will supercharge your company for streamlined growth.

Let’s get started and book your Uncovery Session to find out where your business is at and how you can initiate massive growth.

You’ll begin with one private one-on-oneVIP Training Day with Beate and then evaluate your customized solution package for ongoing support.


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