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Uncovery Session

Welcome and thank you for being here! Here is how to apply for your complimentary Uncovery Session:

In this no-nonsense session, that is valued at $500.00
Beate will walk you through:

  • Discovering what is unconsciously sabotaging you from taking your business to the next level
  • A series of questions that lead to a clear picture what is in your way
  • The one simple change you can make immediately to get started 

CAUTION: Every month I make only 7 Uncovery Sessions available. To apply for one of the seven spots please answer the questions below and within a few days you will received notification if your application made it. That’s why you want to complete this form TODAY. Upon acceptance you have one week to schedule your 30-45 minute conversation with Beate that is valued at $500.00 before your reservation will be released. 

“My desire is to advise and mentor women on how to play
with and compete with, but more importantly, how to succeed
alongside the big boys.”

Beate Chelette


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About Beate Chelette

One of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 -Huffington Post
Built and sold a creative business to Bill Gates
Certified Practitioner of Myers-Brigg Type Indicator Assessment Tool
Alumni and Faculty of the Wizard Academy
Faculty of CreativeLive

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