Phyllis Chesler in Los Angeles


If you live in, or near Los Angeles please join me and attend Phyllis Chesler's book reading at the Temple of Arts in Beverly Hills. The reading of "An American Bride in Kabul" is on April 22, 2014. I've read the book and published my review on Amazon. The book is part memoir, political, historic, [...] The post Phyllis Chesler in Los Angeles appeared first on The Women's Code. … [Read more...]

Can Women Have a Balanced Life?


Just a short while ago I was hanging out with Christine Bronstein founder and CEO of ABOW (A Band of Women) and the fierce Leila Radan in San Francisco. We recorded this video about "Can Women Have a Balanced Life?" Both, Leila and Chris have read Happy Woman Happy World and have generously and passionately [...]The post Can Women Have a Balanced Life? appeared first on The Women's Code. … [Read more...]

Creating A Bitch Free Office


If you had enough of toxic offices and hurtful gossip you should watch this video explaining the very first step in creating a better team. Create a Bitch Free Office and get your team on the same page and here is how: [youtube][/youtube]   Let me know if this helps you to get everyone on the same page. Your Coach Beate   … [Read more...]

How to Build a Successful Brand


Are you in the process of building your brand? If you want a brand that lasts, it is going to take time. Not only do you need to offer a great product, a solid service, and a fair price, you need a solid brand that embodies your company's identity as a whole. When you are building a brand, you have to consider more than just what you offer. You have to consider what will evoke an emotional response with your targeted audience and what will make them feel closer to your business. If you are not sure where to start, learn how to build a successful and enduring brand and get to … [Read more...]

Mission Possible: Balancing a Hectic Life

Getting away is a proven way to balance your life

If you are like many women, you sometimes feel like exploding because everything in your life seems to pull on you at the same time. We're all on a seesaw trying to balance our emotions, our attitudes, and our expectations. I hear from women all the time who say they feel overwhelmed, inadequate and out of balance as they struggle to keep up with career, family, relationships and social obligations. Then there’s financial uncertainty that bears down on many of us. It is a lot to deal with, and women everywhere are feeling it. Anxiety rates among women have soared in the last decade. And no … [Read more...]

Making Better Choices


As I am writing this I can’t help but I am shaking my head. Just today I found out from Melissa during lunch that her father had cancer after they separated and her mom let him live in her house and helped him through. Not quite what is happening the other way around at this moment. I spent a delightful lunch hour with Melissa and I proudly report that she is starting to turn the corner. For the very first time I heard her tell me that someone offered her drugs and instead of being upset of not being able to say no this time it was different. Melissa had gone on a YMCA trip for 10 days and … [Read more...]

What’s going on with Melissa?


Even as I write this I have to take a deep breath and sadness overcomes me. It has been heartbreaking to watch. You may remember Melissa (not her real name to protect her identity) attended The Women’s Code Conference . She stole the hearts of the audience by candidly sharing what was going on in her life. Her mother is losing her 5th bout with cancer and her family is torn apart by a divorce. Her father has moved on to a new relationship and his soon to be ex-wife a terminally ill woman of 3 daughters ages 11, 14 and 16 has to figure this out on her on. Melissa is angry, sad and sometimes I … [Read more...]

How To Stop Feeling Guilty When You Can’t Give Your Kids What They Want


This situation is all too familiar to all of us. We want to give our children the very best. But life isn't always playing along. More often than not we have to say no. Here are a few ideas how to tweak your mindset and what you can do to stop feeling guilty.   [youtube][/youtube] … [Read more...]

Out with the old and in with the new!

Beate and Gina Chelette

See, I am keeping my promises. I wanted to stay in touch with you a little more frequent and update you about what we are working on over here. The website has been coming along nicely. We have cleaned house all around. The website is doing what it should and doesn’t crash on us any longer. Hooray! When you visit you'll see that we're changing a lot of the content on the site. We're adding videos from the conference, along with selected interviews. you will see that we are changing a lot of the content on the site. We are adding a number of videos from the conference along … [Read more...]

Are you enjoying your summer?

Beate and Presley

There are a lot of good news to be shared. It's been a great summer. On the right you see me with Presley, my nieces entertaining daughter playing at Dockweiler Beach in Los Angeles. This was a shoot with amazing photographer and coaching client Dorit Thies for the upcoming launch of Venusstock. What can be better then helping two clients while hanging out with my family? Finally things are moving ahead again with The Women’s Code. For the last two months it’s been challenge after challenge. You may remember hearing me say that I am that person that you hear about that ‘it’ has happened to. … [Read more...]