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  • Disruptors, Innovators, and The Generational Divide
    What matters now? This is the question Dr. Marilyn Joyce asked me and it brought our conversation to a screeching halt. But let me back up first... As many stories go, a young man or woman is fed up with the confines of the existing system. Repressed, unhappy, and fired up about the injustices of […]
  • Leadership in Crisis
    After binge watching CNN for the past few days, I emerge with two feelings. The first is a state of disbelief at how radicalized young men can justify killing so many innocent people. Much like the rest of the world, I wonder where things went wrong for those men. One news segment suggested the terrorists […]
  • Too Bad You’re Smart and Beautiful – You Could Have Been a Great Leader
    Whether you like her or not, Hillary Clinton is definitely a leader. Poised, in control, smiling, and quick on her feet. I was grinning ear to ear throughout the Democratic debate thinking, "You go, girl!" And on the other side of the spectrum Carly Fiorina was doing a fine job, too. The one sentence that […]
  • Is This All You’ve Got?
    It recently dawned on me that throughout history—and especially in exciting Hollywood movies—solutions rarely come from the wise old men. Usually it’s a dashingly handsome and unruly young man or woman. (The disrupter.) Disrupters are necessary to shake up established ideas and to bring in new ones. Steve Jobs said everyone needs a personal computer. […]
  • Why Men are Fed Up with Feminism
    This post is for men. I know you are tired. I can tell you are fed up with constant discussions around what women want. I hear you saying, "What else could women possibly want that they don’t already have?" Women can vote and go to college, we have the same rights as men, we can […]

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