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  • Why Not Getting What You Want Is A Good Thing
    I've been looking for an answer to a seemingly simple question: Why do we resist change even when something doesn’t work for us? For an entire year I have been cleaning up, changing, maneuvering, and moving things around. I made physical changes, emotional changes, and I’ve changed my mind over just about everything at least [...] The post Why Not Getti
  • STIR The Pot: The HOW Of Social Networking
    One of the biggest buzzwords you should pay attention to is relationship building. Social networking (not social media) is all about getting others to connect with us. That means we have to understand how to engage people we haven’t even met in meaningful conversations. I recently wrote about the WHY of social networking, and this [...] The post STIR The Pot
  • Gender Role Reversal: We've Got It All Mixed Up
    “Circumstances don’t define me, I define my circumstances.” ~Beate Chelette In my recent article about masculine (alpha) women, I described how women can get caught between needing to be tough and sharp at work, and soft and nurturing at home. Some of the responses revealed just how many women are exasperated by having one more [...] The post Gender Role Rev
  • The Women’s Code on Masculine Women—Are You One?
    We used to believe masculine women were butch, a little bit scary, wore pant suits and comfortable shoes—they were easy to spot. That surely has changed. I am a masculine alpha woman. I wear high heels, frills, skirts, and like it if my man orders dinner for me. Yet in business, I can be as [...] The post The Women’s Code on Masculine Women—Are You One? appe
  • Please Change The Subject
    Self-discipline is necessary in your online communications. Long emails are easy—the short, effective ones take more effort. Always ask yourself: What do I want to say? Is it clear? Does it need a lot of detail? Am I specifically asking for what I want the recipient to do? So, how can we best communicate in [...] The post Please Change The Subject appeared f

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