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  • White Middle-Aged Men Move Over
    What a week for the United States! Confederate flags came down and same-sex marriage was legalized in every state. I am thrilled about it now, but I have a shameful confession to make. In my professional career working in the creative arts, I interacted with many colorful people, some of whom are openly gay. I'm […]
  • How To Overcome Negotiation Paralysis
    I was recently interviewed by Tomi Lahren, a young and opinionated political commentator who successfully reaches Millennials—which is no easy feat. Tomi revealed that she's confident enough to take on Hillary Clinton, but when it comes to negotiating a salary increase, she feels paralyzed. Tomi is hardly alone. Many of us are great at telling […]
  • This is Why Are You Not Getting Ahead
    Have you wondered about that question lately? Maybe it was after your latest performance review which left you wondering if this career is worth it. Or during a job for a demanding client who kept making changes and you felt you weren't paid enough to put up with it. Or perhaps you gave away tons […]
  • The Secret to Personal Power
    Background: My personal trainer, Lee Brandon, CSCS, RSCC*E just happens to be the very first female assistant coach in the NFL. She's also a five-time Olympian trainer and will be going to Brazil for the next Olympics with three swimmers. I knew she would have a lot to teach me, but today's lesson was unexpected. […]
  • Are You Tired of Discussing Equality, too?
    When women experience inequality we get frustrated, even outright angry. If our desires and voices are ignored, we may lash out and create a scene. And when given an opportunity to fix what we see is wrong with the world, we implement new ideas and hope they stick. I am talking about Ellen Pao, who […]

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