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The Women’s Code has the power to redefine who we are, what we are, and what we want. Truly, modern women want it all. And with The Women’s Code, we can have it, we just need to learn how. This is your story. The story about wanting, in its simplest terms, a fulfilled and happy life. It’s about wanting a job that gratifies us—where we are seen and heard whether or not we choose a high-powered career or move ahead at a more modest pace.

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“Truly inspiring! Engaging! Pragmatic! Timely! A must for any organization that is serious about empowering women.”

James Malinchak

“The Big Money Entrepreneur”

“Beate really gets one to soul search and dig deep in one’s wants and goals with ‘Women Who Want It All and Get It, Too.’ Totally real, understandable content makes a person think and analyze their life – past, present and future. I am not normally a book reader because most bore me or just ramble on and on, but this book was enjoyable, enlightening. I will be waiting for it to be in print available for purchase! Excellent, must have resource.”

Tara Burner

“Beate Chelette is a powerful trainer whose personal story of passion, faith and perseverance lead to her ultimate success. Her story will inspire you to new heights and her wealth of wisdom and proven strategies will help you achieve the breakthroughs you’ve been striving for.”

Brandon Barnum

President at Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB)

“This is an amazing book, a guide and handbook for every woman who wants health, happiness, love, success and a fulfilling career.”

Brian Tracy

Author – “Create Your Own Future”

Beate’s Passion Statement:

As a single mom entrepreneur there are three things that light me up…

First, I am passionate about creative entrepreneurship, a great idea gets me excited, my mind springs into action and I literally can’t stop the flow of ideas on how we grow your business. For me, it is so easy to see what is unique about you and your idea.  If it is in YOUR HEAD I can get it out, and organize it with you. Together we can build you a business model in a day (granted to have an idea and believe in it.)

Secondly, I am passionate about women and business. Either as trailblazers in the corporate world or as fearless entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, or solopreneurs who need get-to-the-point backbone support, clear no-nonsense steps, and a little hand holding (tissues and wine included,) and sometimes I’ll even carry you over the finish line if needed!

Thirdly I am passionate about balanced leadership and gender equality because together as teams we are stronger. Men and women bring  unique skill sets and thought processes to the table that SOMEBODY had to point this. Of course persistence and doable German engineering helps with providing solutions that can be implemented. Let’s focus on HOW we can make businesses work better – together.

Let’s ENJOY each other instead of raging a war on women. How boring are conflicts that say men vs. women, women vs. women, or endless gender power struggles?The big battle is not between man and woman, or woman and woman, it is OUT THERE. Let’s create and innovate hand in hand for smarter businesses, a better economy, and a safer place to live for all of us. Let’s get all ideas heard and make room for each other. 

You may ask, like I have been asked many time, why is she doing it… Why didn’t she retire after she sold her business? Because I did learn one thing (and not without kicking and screaming)… at the end it is about one and one thing only.

About the people. When one of us makes it to the top we must take as many with us as we can.

And that is why YOU matter to me.

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