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  • How To Be Happy (A Three Step Approach for Working Moms)
    I had a lively discussion last night with two friends from middle school in Nuremberg, Germany. One is married with a teenager at home and the other is divorced with two kids. They each told me the same story that I have heard literally all over the world. Sabine said she’s gone through her second […]
  • 2% Women CEO’s — Is This The Most We Can Handle?
    Gender equality. Oh boy, it sure gets people going. Have women already made enough progress? Is it enough that women hold 2% of board and CEO positions, or should we keep pushing forward until we get to 50%? And why are we only focusing on women, shouldn’t we focus on all types of diversity while […]
  • Why Most Women Don’t Make It To C-Level
    I am happy to report a successful launch of my corporate initiative, How Acting Like a Girl is Good for Business: 7 Profit Secrets of Gender-Diverse Corporations! Meaningful conversations have already started with CEO’s, C-Level Executives, and HR departments who are keen to improve the gender gaps within their companies. As I continue to dive […]
  • The Deal Has Gone Bad — Now What?
    The vendor was disastrous. Deadlines missed, calls not returned, work incomplete, programming sloppy, and worst of all—he didn’t even bother to watch the screen-casts I recorded of the problems he needed to fix! I discovered how lackadaisical his approach was during a conference call while I was in another state to attend a funeral. Not […]
  • How to raise women’s paychecks…
    Dear Brilliant Woman, There’s a shocking new study on women and money, in the workplace: According to AAUW, women will get paid equally as the men (who do the same jobs as you)… (are you sitting down?) …in just another 124 years. That’s right women, we’re “just” another one hundred and twenty-four years from pay […]

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