Entrepreneurs Want To Grow Their Business

And for that they need clients and more clients. And even more clients. But most business owners live in a frenzy of to-do lists, action items, and email hell. There are so many things that need attention, and even though there is opportunity to grow, there is no time to plan growth, no time to find the right team, and then train them and delegate properly.

You end doing too much yourself – going after the wrong clients, or not leading your team successfully, and as a result, not building your business so you can scale it. Massively.

I built my business. I then I sold my business for multi-millions to Bill Gates. I did it with a plan, and I want to let you in on a few key points of that plan. I created what I call The 5 Star Success Blueprint because most business owners don’t understand that there is a specific sequence to building and scaling a business.

My speaking, training, and workshop topics can be women centric or about entrepreneurship in general. I’ve facilitated a 2.5 hour workshop with the Women Entrepreneurial Center at the University of Hartford, done a three-day course for CreativeLive, a two day workshop at the Wizard Academy and of course several keynotes for organizations like WBENC at their annual conference.

Please contact our team and let us know about your event so that we can suggest just the right topic that will add value to your event, and create the tangible takeways that will support your audience the most.


Topic 1:

Turn Your Creative Talent Into a Profitable Business

Topic 2:

Building Your Authority Platform

Topic 3:

How to Price, Package and Position Your Products and Services

Topic 1: Turn Your Creative Talent Into a Profitable Business: How to Succeed Fast as a Creative Entrepreneur: 5 Steps to Business Mastery

Categories: Entrepreneurship — Strategic Planning and Positioning — Creativity and Innovation

Even the most successful creative entrepreneurs can easily get lost in their ideas or the processes of their business. Others scatter their resources thin by trying to sell their products or services to everyone without being clear on who their best clients are.

Many would-be successful entrepreneurs struggle to match their ideas with a solid business structure for lasting, significant growth. Others still, find themselves shying away from technologies that might serve them because they can’t understand how to make them work to their benefit.

In all these cases, the end result is the same: a failure to connect with all the great people who would be your clients…

This event can change all that for you!

In this interactive talk Beate will take your audience, step-by-step, through her unique “Uncovery Process.” Inside, your audience will discover:

  • What the steps are to find more and better paying clients
  • A unique process to uncover exactly what makes your business special
  • How to speak your ideal customer’s language–by entering the conversation that is already going on in their head!
  • Do this ONE THING that will make your customers ONLY want to do business with you.

Nearly every creative entrepreneur can use additional clarity on their Unique Selling Points (USP), and this talk touches on the latest tools and proven, classic techniques that have transformed hundreds of creative entrepreneurs from stuck to SUPER!

Available as a keynote, half, and two-day training program.

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Topic 2: Building Your Authority Platform: Get Your Expertise in front of Thousands of Perfect Clients, for FREE!

Categories: Social Media — Strategic Planning and Positioning — Creativity and Innovation

You’re probably more of an expert than you might consider yourself. All that hard-earned wisdom and expertise you’ve earned on the road to mastery should be shared with others! Not only to raise the bar in your niche, but also to establish your credibility with clients and customers.

Business expert and entrepreneur Beate Chelette is just the person to show your audience how to amplify their message.

When you have Beate’s expertise on tap, you’ll exploit the right outlets, while others keep trying too hard in the wrong places with abysmal results. Let Beate show your audience the specific steps to have their message heard by thousands of potential clients, by using FREE outlets!

In Building Your Authority Platform, Beate will walk your audience through the exact process they need to become a thought leader in their own creative niche.

In this talk, attendees will gain invaluable strategies for growing their reputation and influence within their sphere of expertise.

They’ll discover how to:

  • Turn their working passion into an irresistible brand story
  • Find the perfect platforms to connect with your ideal audience
  • Avoid the many pitfalls on social media: oversharing, sharing the wrong things, and the greatest SIN of marketing: being boring!
  • An overview of available marketing tools to use, and when

It’s a challenge at every stage of your business to balance doing the work, with building influence and attracting new customers and clients. However, this class teaches practical ways to share insights effectively, without wasting valuable time.

Great leaders are made, not born. Learn specific, actionable techniques for sharing your wisdom with others and building your professional reputation in Building Your Authority Platform.

Available as a keynote, half, and two-day training program.

Are you ready for your authority platform?

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Topic 3: How to Price, Package and Position Your Products and Services (While conquering the Fear of Selling!)

Categories: Entrepreneurship — Strategic Planning and Positioning — Creativity and Innovation

If you like the idea of never selling again, this might be the talk that changes your business, forever. When you master the principles taught here, clients will seek YOU to solve the problems they have.

No one likes to feel they have been “sold” anything, yet sales are the bedrock of any successful business. We know the dangers of being “salesy” in our marketing and communications so we go conservative but our results are less than we want. What’s the solution? How can we have the best of both worlds–a great profit and customers who run to buy from us?

The answer is to focus on the “Three P’s”!

When you master Pricing, Packaging and Positioning sales have a way of taking care of themselves! If you’d like to eliminate the wrong customers and–at the same time–attract the most profitable and best customers, you’ll love this value-packed speech.

As Beate Chelette has learned over 30 years of creating products, goods and services, getting just one of the three P’s wrong can mean the death of a company. Discover the pitfalls of pricing, packaging and positioning, what you must never do and how you set yourself up for success.

Your audience will take away:

The sure-fire methods the highest-paid creatives use to price and package services and goods. You’ll also gain the language that eliminates buying objections as you stand with confidence behind your products.

Available as a keynote, half, or 2 day training program.

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We invited Beate to be the featured speaker at our annual Digital Festival…her presentation had a blend of step-by-step roadmaps as well as education for understanding the principles of how to increase your business through leveraging your efforts.

John Harrington

JVH Technical LLC

One of the hardest working people I have met — Beate Chelette develops and creates content that moves audiences and inspires them either in the creation of countless new businesses or to step up and take charge in leading more successful lives. Beate is a powerhouse who is deeply passionate about her community (especially women) and their potentials. As her content producer at CreativeLive, I am moved by her work. From her well-designed handouts, to her amazingly detailed presentation, to all of the love and energy she puts into her content and her live presentation – Beate is a fantastic human.

Justin Barker

Content Producer,

Really fantastic day…Beate was the star of the show!

Tim Harris

Worth the airfare from Miami to Dublin, thanks Beate!

Sharon Dodge

CEO, Illustration Works

I was blown away by what Beate’s information and everything in her presentation!

Fernando B.


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