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As I am leaving last nights bustling industry soiree sponsored by Smashbox I peeked in my swag bag. There it is, a shirt telling me that $500 is the new BLACK. With a puzzled look on my face I had to investigate. Check this out. Smashbox is running a special. You can rent one of five studios for the ridiculous low fee of $500 for a full 10 hours. You better take advantage of this offer because this one won’t last. This is like the 99 cent deal for photo studios!

What else was in there? Some yummie cookies that I devoured immediately from Picnic and some cosmetics from Smashbox. Can’t praise the free drinks as I did in the past (yes I am bias) as the sponsor was Red Bull & Vodka. I am over 30 (just a tad…) and if I would be downing Red Bull at 10PM I’d be a.) close to a heart attack and b.) pacing my neighborhood all night long. But that would be the point, right? Luckily I ran into my knight in shining armor, Abe from Smashbox who rescued me being a damsel in distress and got me a drink. But that’s just me, I saw plenty of energized party goers enjoying their free drinks and loving them.

Who was there: First up I saw

Ettore Zuccarelli from abc Television whom I have just interviewed (click here) yesterday for my Charter Membership program that is launching in a few days. Hurry, the special is expiring in two days! Ettore is so professional and gracious and just a nice guy and shared his secrets about how to make it as a photographer openly. Can you tell  I am his fan now?

Next up I ran into Rebecca Battle who gets the ‘take action’ award for the night.

Rebecca took my “4 Week Teleseminar” and after it rolled up her sleeves and began working on her plan, her book proposal, revamped her website. She is out and about networking and has a great attitude about making it in photography now. Go Rebecca!

A little further I bumped into Dee (remember I told you she keeps the Smashbox owners Jordan and Mikel in check) with the handsome Matt.

I did my best to investigate and found out that Matt is Dee’s Man Slave. Now that left me with a smile (or big grin) on my face and once I again I couldn’t help but think to myself that she is one smart lady who knows a thing or two. I should hang out with her more often.

Check out these three. The world is indeed a stage. I found them setting up this shot and I took full advantage of it and snapped one myself.

In the middle you see Holly J Dean who says she ‘paints on a naked canvas’. Of course I had to go and check out what that means immediately and my bet is, you will, too. To her left is fashion designer Shane Fonner and the cozy kisser on the right is set dresser Brett Howard. On my way through the crowd again and over to the right I see this cute couple and thought this is a Rhianna look alike.
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These two are players, Stephanie Filo is a video editor and Anthony Harris is into video games. Get it?

Going my round further I see TJ Crume from the LA Photo Group and fashion stylist Tiohn Harris.

She had the cutest outfit on and I just stared at her fabulous abs. Just put on my gym clothes and will be on my way to work out mine in a moment now.

By now the crowds are roaring and the place is packed. Time for me to make it to the exit. But not before I see this interesting group.

To your left you see David Willis, Associate Editor for Werner Publishing. He covers Outdoor Photographer, PC Photo, Digital Pro Photo and HDVideoPro. You bet he is on my list to talk to. Next is photographer Patrick Ecclesine and the beautiful Rebecca Cabage, Director of Bookings at Smashbox Studios. To the right we see Peter Stougaard, a Sr. VP for Creative Services at 20th Fox. Someone I want to interview also.

That’s it for the party. I had a great time as always. Before I leave you wondering why you didn’t come, I have to mention the VIP concierge Kori Stanton from Smashbox. She sure knows how to facilitate a successful event. Until next time!

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