Women are better with money than men. That is a fact. So why do so many of us have issues with and around money? Like establishing our worth, letting management know we expect equal pay, or asking for a raise at every single performance review?

For Womanpreneurs, is there any reasonable explanation for why we choke when we ask for the five or six figure contract? Or spit out a lower number even though we gave ourselves a big pep talk before the negotiation?

Let me backtrack for a moment. I already hear the gentlemen becoming upset with me. What possesses me (again) to take such a bold feminist stance and proclaim that women are better with money?

I am glad you asked. It’s because the numbers tell the story. In my insights paper published by The Women’s Code, which I encourage you to peruse, I cite study after study that showcase just how good women are for a business’s bottom line.

Here are a few numbers that will make you look. Companies with the highest percentages of women board directors outperformed those with the lowest by 66%. Sales skyrocket by 42% with high numbers of women on the board. My favorite statistic is that team intelligence is at its strongest with a gender-balanced team (and at its weakest with an all-male team).

Women and our money issues are rooted in the way we are historically perceived—weaker, not as smart. And when we push the issues harder, we are no longer considered feminine and are total turn offs. How can ever we get it right? We ourselves struggle with how to juggle our careers, families, children, and a little bit of fun. How could we possibly also take on issue after issue?

This is why many of us simply give up. For example, of the few women that make it into the technology sector (one of the toughest industries for women to pursue), over 40% leave the industry entirely. If we trust the numbers (and I do) that means the tech sector is not merely underperforming, the massive gender imbalance means it is doing worse than underperforming. Think about your (perhaps volatile) experiences with tech professionals and tell me this isn’t true.

The rise of women—and the rising value of women—is unstoppable. When we examine and separate our preconceived notions of what has “always been” or what we believe is “true”, perhaps we would allow ourselves, our communities, and our businesses to grow beyond our wildest imaginations.

And as for me, I certainly will do my part to spread the message of the importance of a new balanced leadership and why we all profit. Literally and virtually.

If you are in or around Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 3rd, I encourage you to register for an exciting event that I keynote. The Association of Corporate Growth – Women in Finance is facilitating a luncheon. You’ll have the opportunity to network and learn how to master the essential attributes of great female leaders. It would be wonderful to see you there.

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