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Hello Photo Peeps, please pay special attention to this blog post about where to invest in your photography business from Michael Albany. We can all learn from current data. His survey is very, very short. I’ll gladly analyze the results but, we have to have enough responses.
Thank you, Beate

By guest blogger Michael Albany

As you all probably know I am a full time photographer, it is how I make my living. I often wonder what is the best way for me to build my business and grow my client base? I know through good coaching (where can I find that? hehehe) that I need to invest in myself and my business. But where is the best investment for my money, what is going to bring me the best return?

Of course I have consulted with Beate about where she thinks I should focus my efforts, all of which have worked to some degree. I know that there is no one thing that is going to make me successful. At the same time I can’t afford to invest everything everywhere, I need to set my priorities. But what are those priorities? Better yet what are the priorities for my peers? Perhaps that information can help me better myself, or maybe if I have a different set of priorities, maybe it will set us apart from one another and be beneficial to all of us.

I figured I should survey my fellows and see what they are doing. This is how I decided to create a survey and Beate is being kind enough to allow me to ask her readers to take this survey. Of course this is under the condition that I share the results with you but that will be in a future post. Maybe, just maybe we can get Beate to to jump in and help us analyze the results! So if you want to have her opinion you first have to help me out and click here to take the survey! Its only 9 questions and shouldn’t take you more than a minute or so.

You work on the survey and I will work on getting Beate to tell us her thoughts on it all when the data is in.

To take the survey just click here.


Michael Albany is a Portrait and Architectural from Philadelphia. You can read more of his articles on his website

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