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With the first month of the year already under your belt you are probably already back to your regular routine. Do you remember what your goals were that you set yourself just a few weeks ago?

Here are some quick tips to stay on target and to stay sharp:

– Monitor your time in photographer forums, LinkedIn Groups and other relevant outlets. Cut this time down in half.

– Double the time you are investing on the phone, networking events and in LinkedIn Groups and forums where your potential clients go.

– Practice your elevator pitch. You are not just a photographer specialized in doing x and y. You are capturing something else (emotion, feeling, special moments, products etc. Unless you make what you do sound interesting they won’t bite.

– Know your numbers. Are you on target for the month of January? What is the number you want to reach for February? If you are there, celebrate, if not – get on the phone or hit the pavement.

– Every time you read a piece of negative literature about our industry ask yourself: Is this article helping or hurting me? If it is the later do the following: ignore or delete.

– Do something that makes you feel good every single day. Even a 10 minute tea or coffee break, baking  or cooking something, going for a quick walk around the corner or reading a novel might get you there. Clients like working with happy photographers, so become one.

Please share with other readers what you do that keeps your spirits uplifted or focused on what’s ahead. I’d love to hear your positive thoughts and ideas.

PhotoBizCoach Beate

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