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Celebrity Author Jill Lublin and PR Guru Went Overboard

I don’t do this very often, but ever so often something comes along that requires additional attention. As your Photography Business Success Coach I search amongst my vast connections for friends, colleagues, authors, speakers and coaches who can bring something to the table that will help you with your business.

For those of you who have been following me, it’s not about the image or lighting workshops or Photoshop courses or any of that stuff – over here we are always examining the business behind the art. Sales, marketing, finance, business planning and last week publicity. I have invited and secured Jill Lublin, who is a celebrity in her own right. She’s been numerous times on TV and taught some big names how to get publicity. She has three books on networking and PR on the bestseller lists including the publicity bible “Guerilla Publicity.” Our call was quite popular as we heard from the many comments we received afterward. That in itself is nothing special, we have lot’s of great calls – but there is something about Jill.  She has this great ability to connect with creatives. She speaks YOUR LANGUAGE. She gets it, after all she started out as a creative.  And, she makes it so easy to understand and follow what you need to do to get great PR.

It’s in the message, she says.

Your message is your identifier. This is how clients remember you and potential clients recognize you as standing out from the crowd. This is what sets you apart from the thousands of other shooters in your area that do the same type of work you do. Unless your message is clearly defined, has something that makes you stand out and a ‘hook’ that’s easy to remember you are just like everyone else – forgettable. And Jill happens to be a master of changing this. She makes you one to be remembered. Her clients have literally gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free PR.

Because I am good friends with Jill and we have mutual admiration and respect for each other – Jill gave my listeners an out of this world offer. Her PR crash course, this is a one day intensive that you can either take in person or in three online sessions, usually costs $797.00 But because we are mastermind buddies I asked her to sweeten the deal for my group. I know that you guys struggle with this more than anything. So many of you have no clue who you should be to the outside world and what your message is. Most of you don’t know what to tell a potential client when they ask: “Why would I hire you and not the other guy who is $100 less expensive?” You freeze, you talk yourself out of a job, you explain your lighting techniques and the quality of your image (none of which are strong selling points) and the job goes to the other guy. Sounds familiar?

If you have professional identity problems and you can’t tell me in 60 seconds who you are and why I want to hire you – you need this crash course. Not for me and not for the reason of me making money of this. This is the core of your business – YOUR MESSAGE. If this is not clear than you can’t take your business to the next level. You may even say things that you don’t know that are negative trigger words for customers!

This is what I want you to do: Listen to the call right now. Examine if the things that we discuss apply to you (and it’s not going to be right for everyone), and listen to the offer.

Jill lowered the course to $497 and made it a two-for-one deal. So that means you can take this course for $250 and walk away from it with templates that you filled out with your message. Because this is how Jill has set up her session. This is not high-brow discussion this is a play-in-the-sand and get-your-hands-dirty course. It’s called a crash course for a reason. You will have what you’ve been struggling with done-for-you in one day.

But wait, there is a problem.

Over the course of the last week since the call, I have gotten numerous emails of people who are still looking for their +1. I got on the phone with Jill – AGAIN! I said, Jill, they want it but they can’t find their +1’s because most of my photography professionals are Solopreneurs.

And amazing Jill offered to assist you with your +1. So here is what we are doing. If you want to take advantage of this offer (take a look at it here) and you don’t have a +1 please send an email to

Michael will match you up and send you a link to complete your registration.

But, there is catch.

In order to qualify, you have to agree to give Jill a testimonial for her crash course. After all you are getting it instead of $797.00 for $250! That is $547.00 off what this course goes for.

This is what I want you to do if you are ready to join the done-for-you course on publicity with Jill:

  1. Again, listen to the call right now
  2. Email your location (Jill travels all across the US) and he’ll be your matchmaker! Even easier if you want to do it online.
  3. Do this now, because this deal is extended only for 10 days and valid until May 28, 2010 at midnight.

Hi, my name is Beate, I am the Photography Business Success Coach and I educate photography professionals on the business behind the art. – So what’s your message?

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