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One of the new staples of social media and one of my personal favorites aside from Facebook is Twitter.

But what is Twitter and what is a tweet? Twitter is like a micro blog answering the pressing question “what are you doing?” It is a quick line, limited to 140 characters from you to your friends telling them what your are doing or working on this very moment. Your friends are called your followers. The more followers you have the more Twitter power you have.

You find followers who in return follow you. When you tweet you use a combination of personal notes so that you followers get to know the person behind the tweet and business information. You promote yourself, your services, your business in a sensitive manner. Overly aggressive sales pitches as in “hire me” are frowned upon. You need to update and tweet regularly so that you benefit from Twitter. You find  a following when you share valuable information and a few secrets or come across an article you saw that is interesting. To shorten the sometimes long URL’s use a website like which creates a link to the post short enough to put into your message.

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FREE EBook find out how to gain 17,000+ followers in 10wks

If you are really deep into Twitter and want to learn about what that # sign in front of a name means, read about in the article link below. It is called a “hashtag.” I just learned this the other day. If you tweet about this blog use #photosecrets hashtag in your tweet.

I began tweeting about three months ago and couldn’t figure it out at first. What was all that fuss about? Now I am addicted to it and tweet several times a day. I generate traffic to my blogs and have met very cool people.  The minute I tweet about a new blog post I see traffic go way up. I have a fabulous time checking out other posts and picking up ideas.

To give you a few examples: Through Twitter I found the and as a result my “case” as outlined on my other blog (see link in bar to your right) is being taught at the George Washington University’s Entrepreneurial program. I also have connected with bestselling author by the name of Cyndi Dale who will be participating in my book “Women Who Want It All and Get It, Too.” A large number of women signed up for my test group through a re-tweet from @barefoot_exec (37,000+ followers) whom I followed. I am being interviewed because I tweeted a link to my video. The possibilities are endless and you never know who you will meet or who will read your tweet and read your information. I love to tweet straight from my Blackberry application or through my TweetDeck.

Social media networking is a term that defines how we make connections today. It is here to stay so I want you to learn how to use it and utilize its power for yourself and your business. Become an expert in your field and create a following, you never know who they know.

Tweet on!

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