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Here’s an Easy Way to Connect with Image Buyers


If you are struggling with getting enough new business you might be in violation of the rule of seven. This is a marketing rule and simply states the fact that your customer probably doesn’t know who you are unless he’s heard from you at least seven times. I have even heard that this rule is the rule of 12 now.

What’s a touch? An email, a phone call, a direct mail piece, a networking event an introduction etc.

You must have, what we call in marketing “top-of-mind-awareness” or you might not be the person your customer thinks of first when looking for a photography professional in your specialty. You know how it goes. You throw all your direct mail pieces away until you need that oil change, the smog test and the car wash. But when that flyer comes in right when you need it you are most likely to go to that place because they happened to be there when you need them. That’s marketing. You need to do this for your business on a consistent basis. Be in front of your clients frequently and that is what increases your changes of getting the job.

During the conference in Dublin I hung out with Ross MacRae, the Managing Director from They are specialized in mailing lists for the creative industry for UK, Europe, USA and Australia. One of the great aspects of their system is that they are listing the type of accounts that potential clients have. That should help you to pinpoint and target your potential customer to a “t” which is what you need to do these days. It’s all in sending the right people the right stuff.

Here in the US they are affiliated with Ross made a special offer for readers of this blog. Please email if you’d like to find out what that is.

And… before I forget I did ask about how they handle email marketing rules and I am proud to say that they are going by the book.

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