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It’s been quite a week. On Tuesday I had an out-of-this-world call with Stock Photography Guru Jack Hollingsworth. He shared his story and how he became a bestselling, award winning stock photographer with images in virtually every stock outlet all over the world.

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Jack and I met at the stock industry conference PACA many years ago. He is the kind of guy who immediately sticks out of the crowd, not just because he is colorful (literally, as he often dresses in primary colors) but because he is honest, knowledgeable, outspoken and opinionated. Everyone you meet in the stock industry will testify to his character, business savy and photographic genius.

Jack and I began talking a few months back as I wanted to launch a new product for stock photographers, tentatively titled “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Stock.” While I am very comfortable around stock, (after all it was a stock business that I sold to Bill Gates’ Corbis in 2006,) on this new idea I wanted to collaborate with someone who can add to it from a production and photographer perspective. In so many words I had my eye on Jack.

While I was researching what was going on with Jack I found that Jack had caught the Web 2.0 bug, just like me. Before you know it we are in discussions about where we think things are going and decided that we’ll do the stock thing together.

Last Tuesday we had the “Everything Stock Call” and had a record number of participants. For those of you who know the not-so-secret formats of my free calls it came as no surprise that we were offering a ‘special. This special is already almost sold out and Jack and I are thrilled.

So this is what this is all about. Beginning October 29 we are launching our 4 Week Teleseminar Course “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Stock.” Each week our guests are the top guys in their respective stock category, such as RM, RF and Micro on the call with us. We will be jointly interviewing some of the biggest stock shooters (whose names you will recognize) and get them to share their secrets. The calls are about what to shoot, how to do creative intelligence, what sells, which stock outlets are the best ones and how to produce great shots on a sensible budget. The names of our guests are confidential and will only be revealed to our participants. The final stock session is a 90 minute business session in which Jack will share his 20 points of what you must know and do to make money with stock. I will bring in my expertise with building an archive,  worldwide distribution, contract negotiations and what a stock syndication is looking for when signing a photographer.

This course is limited to 25 spots as we need to make sure that all registered participants will be able to ask their stock questions live. During and after the call we had a number of enrollments but we still have a handful of spaces open. The course is offered at $597 regular price but because it is the basis for our stock product to be launched in January (at the $597 price tag),  Jack twisted my arm and got me to lower the fee to $197. This fee is only available IF you agree to give us a testimonial at the end of the course.

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As a side note, if you are at Photo Plus in New York, watch out for Jack, here is what he is up to:

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