I am flabbergasted by this Nivea ad. Needless to say it is causing a social media backlash, has been taken down and caused an uproar all over the internet. They had to pull it and apologize. We are talking about Beiersdorf and Nivea. Hardly an edgy product. My favorite is the tagline “Look like you give a damn.” Wonder which genius came up with that?

The Afro and the big hair can’t be helped when you are an African American. It is a pretty natural look. Back in the days the Afro was in. Today the cleaner, shorter look is in demand. But, I wonder if we go too far determining what is right and what is wrong with advertising like this one.

Read the story on Mashable. 

Curious to hear your opinion about this. As you know a good controversy will get you lot’s of attention. Do you think this is a case of photography being misused? Is this simply an attention grabber? Or have these guys from Beiersdorf gone insane? And of course the final question would be are you offended by this?

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