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Dear Reader of the PhotoBizCoach Beate’s Blog

Sometimes in business you are required to make decisions you don’t want to do but must because they are the smart thing to do. You know that I am dedicated to the photography business. You also know that I coach and consult.  Over the last 18 months done a lot of marketing and promotion to set up my new venture and I am loving it. My coaching clients are getting great results and all is moving forward. But, I’d be lying if I could say that the photography industry is anything but depressed and it’s slow going. While it breaks my heart and I do the best I can to spread as much optimism as I can the truth is the numbers are rough for most photo professionals. My numbers are growing but it’s slow going. I keep saying it, you must run a mean and lean operation and step up your efforts double and triple to keep your numbers up.

The thing that I dislike the most is the negativity that has crept into our industry. So many places we turn it’s bad, bad, bad news. How are we ever going to get out of this if we can’t find ways to feel good about where this is going? The opportunities are there and the market is still as big as it’s always been. But where can we find them.

At the same time I have to keep an eye on the bottom line and follow my own advice. The numbers tell the truth. They show what works and also what does not. Well, I have to admit, some things work and others don’t. Therefore I must make changes and adjust to the current market environment.

I have decided to stick exclusively to my branding as the PhotoBizCoach or Photography Business Success Coach. Therefore we have abandoned my former domain effective immediately. Please bookmark this URL. The entire content has moved and everything is still here. We are fixing the RSS feed and all gizmo’s as we speak. Other changes that you may want to know about, the free monthly call is now moving to an open bi-monthly call. That sign-up page has permanently moved from to You can sign up at any time and will be notified when the next free call takes place.

To beat the recession I  am offering a serious price reduction of the Flash to Cash System and I’ve slashed the price from $597 to $397. That is over 40% off the retail price. As a special get over your depression incentive I added a free coaching session.

You will be seeing a few more changes over the course of the next few months. I am working on new ideas that are more customer friendly while bringing you the same great content.

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To your wealth,


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