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Wedding Photography Summit

Would you like to learn cutting edge marketing strategies and get expert advice at NO COST to you?

In that case, I’ve got a really exciting opportunity to share that you won’t want to miss!

My friends Stephanie and Jeff over at Book More Brides and DWF (Digital Wedding Forum) have teamed up to create a free event just for wedding photographers called the “6 Figure Wedding Photographer Summit,” and they’re doing something that…well, frankly I think they’re a little crazy for doing this…

It’s 7 days of totally free video presentations ALL about how to get more leads and book more weddings.

The last time they held a Summit like this, they had over 3,000 wedding pros tune in to these expert presentations.  Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to soak up these free tips and strategies!

Just register your name and email at this URL and they’ll send you the details.

The lineup is very impressive (and yes, I am part of this Summit)  that I HIGHLY recommend you attend this ground-breaking wedding photography event.

In this series of totally FREE video trainings, here’s just some of what you’ll learn…

  • The 3 Rules of Viral Marketing that get brides sharing your photos everywhere.
  • How one wedding pro used a fruitcake and a Twitter post to get featured on Good Morning America, the Huffington Post and ABC news.
  • “Do I get my images on DVD?”  Learn how smart photographers answer this question to make more money.
  • 5 reasons why brides leave wedding photographer websites in 5 seconds.
  • What one photographer does to book 95% of meetings and had one groom say, “Even if you doubled your price, we’d still book you!”
  • Frustrated with brides who don’t respond? Learn the results of the “Secret Shopper Experiment” on the follow up of wedding photographers and the fatal mistakes that lose leads.
  • The secret to getting couples who “don’t have the budget” to find the money to hire you without ever meeting them in person.
  • The 4 step Top Secret SEO Formula you can use to get even a brand new website to Page 1 of Google, earning highly targeted, valuable website visitors the easy way.

And lots  more!
Register here to take advantage of this totally free event!

Here’s to your success!

Your PhotoBizCoach,


P.S.  Here’s what a few of last year’s over 3,000 Summit attendees had to say…

“I can’t BELIEVE that you shared this for free!…this might be the best series of webinars for somebody in my industry on the market right now. ”
~ Mike Kaiser, A+ Nightlife Entertainment

“These have been the best marketing videos I have ever seen. I have started implementing some of the things already!” ~ Gail, nightingailphotography

“There is so much AWESOME information in the summit…my only regret is that I don’t have straight time during the week to work on implementing everything NOW!  The thing is that I can’t believe it is free.” ~ Mindy, Ever After Visuals
To your success,

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