If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it? ~ Albert Einstein

You can have everything you want. You can decide what it is that you want, and you can specify every detail that defines it.

Unfortunately, however, everything you want comes at a price, and it comes over time – not all at once. The “when” and, even more important, the “how,” are up to a higher power.

While I believe in miracles – and I have witnessed a few in my life – for the most part, just about every successful person whom I know has worked very hard for what he or she has achieved.

Successful and happy lives are the result of the choices we make and the work associated with each of those choices. If you’re not ready to change, and if you don’t begin to make changes to your life, then nothing will happen. There will always be another book with a new technique, or a spin on an old one that may inspire you, at least in the short-term. You may think, “Yes, this is it. Now I really can do such-and-such, and my life finally will change for the better!” You might continue to believe that for a while but, after a month or two, the excitement wears off; you forget about it and return to your old ways. Once again, nothing has changed.

I believe that you will understand and come to embrace this concept as you work with me through the process of self-discovery and self-affirmation. Having it all requires you to do something. You have to let go of limiting beliefs and make changes to your life. I’ll show you how to do that.

As a female entrepreneur in what is often very much a male-dominated world, I’ve noticed that successful men have some very specific personality traits that play a huge role in wanting – and getting – it all. Men focus on that one thing they are doing right now, and they give it their full attention. Men seem to have an easier time concentrating on one main occurrence or event than many women do.

Men accomplish the task at hand and move to the next. This particular trait, interestingly, a primarily “male” trait, works as the basis for wanting and having it all. Don’t worry, I am not suggesting that you think and act like a man, but rather that you learn the underlying principle of why, where, and how this type of behavior works. I call this a “main focus” idea.

Tell me, have you been in a situation, or a time of your life, when you’ve born torn between wanting to do two things at once? Have you frozen over your choices? Have you felt that you just cannot concentrate enough to move ahead? Let me know – share it with us, and we can move forward together. Thanks so much!

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