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Successful Launch of “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Stock”

Last week Stock Photography Guru Jack Hollingsworth and I kicked off our 4 Week Teleseminar. Our first guest was stock photography Rockstar and Royalty Free expert Sarah Fix.

Sarah and I first met when was a greenhorn and had just started my stock syndication Beateworks. She worked for Picturearts which was one of the leading syndication companies and privately held by Jeff Burke, my mentor. (Note: the company was sold to Jupitermedia and eventually Getty Images). Sarah was the Creative Director for Brand X which was one of the top selling royalty free brands in the world. Together we produced two Royalty Free CD’s for Brand X that were specialized in interior and architecture and everything related to living.

Jack and I picked Sarah as our specialist because Sarah is one of the few people who has been in the stock industry her entire life. That is where she started and that is where she still is, today. She knows all sides of stock photography, from RM, RF to even Microstock.  Currently she is the Creative Director of Blend, the worlds leader in multicultural and ethnic imagery, and also a Co-Owner of Blend (just like Jack Hollingsworth)  but on top of it, she is also a stock shooter herself.

Sarah captivated our teleseminar audience by answering questions about how to get started with stock, what a shooter needs to consider and explained commonly used industry terminology. Alongside with my interview partner Jack who also contributed actively from his experience,  we had such a blast discussing ‘sell thru’ rates, ‘RPI’, ‘CPI’ and my favorite topic which is what successful attributes a stock photographer must possess to make it. The interview covered how to do your own creative intelligence and answered the question if there still is money to be made. Sarah closed with a special invitation to the teleseminar subscribers on how to submit their work to Blend Images for consideration.  In the Q & A section our audience was active in firing away with their detailed questions about the stock photography industry and Royalty Free specifically. Next in the series: This Thursday we are having another amazing guest that I will reveal shortly. Our upcoming guests are a top RM shooter, a Microstock sensation and finally the big stock business session.

While the “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Stock” 4 Week Teleseminar is sold out, we are launching a stock photography product (home study guide)  in January. In the meantime if you want to be in the loop and take advantage of meeting an industry professional every month you might want to check out my membership subscription program.

As you know I facilitate quite a few calls. I have a monthly free call to be found here My next free call is about “The Fastest Way to the Cash.” Given that many photographers have seen a decline in income and have a tougher than usual time I will be sharing my personal survival tips and tricks and the methods on how to figure out what the fastest way to the cash is. This call is open to anyone.

What is the difference between a free call and an investment into the Silver Membership? Free calls are informative and includes a sales pitch (although I like the wording special offer better, but let’s call it what it is.) The subscriber Silver Membership does not include a pitch but is a detailed interview with an invitation from my guest to you. For example, the November Silver Membership ready to be shipped. My guest is the Photography Director Brittain Stone from US Weekly. Not just do we discuss the business, magazine business practices, hiring strategies and fees (that’s right, he tells how much a photographer makes when working for US Weekly), but he also invites Photosecrets subscribers how they can get him on the phone and how to get a personal review of their work by him! If that interests you, you still have until Friday to sign up. Remember: First month is only $1 (US shipping free, International shipping $9.95). If you want to take shameless advantage of that opportunity, sign-up here.

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