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Travel photography contest (click here)

As I am catching up today (can you tell by the number of posts I made), I came across this contest from Jay Reilly. iLIKE

While you can’t win a grant or pay for a year worth of your child’s college education this contest sounds like a lot of fun. There are already some great images that were submitted.

WHY would you want to do this? Because you could be the next award winning photographer and that just reads so well on your next promotional piece. The other option is you loose and you are no worse of than you are right now. But imagine the possibilities!! Yes, I am trying to be funny.

Seriously, just look at the blog and check out his stuff. You might learn something and while you are at it submit your last great travel shot.

Read on:

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hi, my name is jay reilly.  i am a commercial/ editorial photographer based in carlsbad, ca.  some of my past client have include Nike, Sony, Hyatt, Conde Nast among many others.  this blog is dedicated to showcasing my assignment work and helping other photographers by sharing tips and tricks that have been vital to my business.  feel free to leave comments or post questions. thanks!

FIRST PRIZE: The Dream Package – Web Site, Blog, and Slideshare by ITDR $750 value
SECOND PRIZE: ShootSac Camera Bag – $179.00 value
THIRD PRIZE: Totally Rad Actions Set $149.00 value
FOURTH PRIZE: PacSafe – CarrySafe100 Camera Strap $19.00
*Prizes are based on judges and popular vote.

use the application above, and click on “Submit an Entry”.  try to keep the image under 1 mb.  the deadline to enter is 4-30-2009 at midnight.  1 entry per person.

in the week after the deadline, all images will be featured in a slideshow for the readership to enjoy and share.  on 5-11-2008 – the winners will be announced with their images posted on the blog and their respective names next to the images.

by submitting the your photo you agree to all the terms and conditions of the contest.  to review the rules.

one request…please share with your photo buddies.  not fair if your the only one that knows about it!

so who is entering??

relaxed rules:
* anyone can enter, any age, and country, you may not enter if there is a conflict of interest in with the judges, family or employees
* no over digital processing, no borders, no logos
* you must have taken the photo, can not submit for someone else
* content should be travel, any deviation may be rejected
* content should be suitable for posting on, no questionable material
* deadline for submission is midnight, pacific standard time on 4-30-2009.  winners announced 5-11-2009 days after the deadline.  judges will award winners and their will also be a viewers choice award
* we reserve the right to remove any photo for any reason at any time for non compliance of the above rules
* images must be submitted via the submission application on the blog, email jay with questions
* you should get a submission received email back confirming you entered.  if you do not see your photo on the viewer, email jay and confirm its been received.
* image use for the photos will only be used for the contest and promotion of the contest and perhaps future contest, will post the photos as the winners, on this blog and perhaps ITDR’s web site.  you maintain copyright and ownership!
*contest organizers reserve the right to change the prizes and prize giving structure, without notice and for any reason.

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