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I am going to let you in on a very personal conversation with a friend that I had just two weeks ago. The topic was the meaning of success.

Business owners should give serious thought to what success means to us because it determines the way we run our businesses. Do you want a little or a lot? Is just enough to pay the bills and have some fun all you’re after, or do you seek the recognition and prestige that comes with being at the top?

The friend I was speaking with does not believe anything comes “after,” meaning he doesn’t believe in God or an afterlife. For him, living is all about doing as much as he possibly can with the time he has here on Earth. From weekend trips, concerts, and all kinds of outings—you name it—he is out four times a week having a blast. His lifestyle is fast, furious, and very busy. He loves it.

Personally, I have been wrestling with the question of what success means to me ever since I came into money. I tried for a very short while (my daughter swears it was 24 hours or less) to do nothing. It’s not for me. I was planning my next venture after one week. I wish I could have pushed the Easy button and simply said enough is enough, but I have yet to find something else that gives me the same deep satisfaction as I find in my work.

I have always viewed being successful as something that comes with certain responsibilities. To find out what they are please download your complimentary copy of the TipSheet right here:

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