TipSheet Posted: The Courage to Conquer Fear

Since my book Happy Woman Happy World was published, I have been a guest on a number of radio shows. One of the questions I am frequently asked is how I made my comeback from being $135,000 in debt, having a business that made no money, and being a single mom, all while deeply grieving over the death of my father. The answer all boils down to courage. I felt plenty of fear, but my will to succeed gave me courage.

I learned the hard way which techniques and ideas work, and which ones don’t, to get out from underneath. We all face adversity. It could be the loss of a job, a sinking business, an unexpected illness, or a difficult personal issue that sends us into depression. No matter the difficulties you are experiencing, the lessons I learned can help you get through it.

START HERE: Find the lesson and the silver lining of your obstacle.

When I was a still photography producer and a photography representative in Los Angeles, I often thought to myself that I was destined for something bigger. My downward spiral began in 2000 when an employee and a key photographer betrayed me. Within a few months, I lost my half million-dollar photography representation business. Six months later, my production business was wiped out in only 24 hours when the World Trade Center was hit and I lost another half million.

To find out what the three steps are that I took to conquer fear – and  how I ended a decade of bad luck with the good fortune of selling my business to Corbis, a Bill Gates company for millions – please go here to download this month’s TipSheet.

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