You’ve heard it before—those of us in the creative industries have much to be concerned about. Big stock syndications like Getty Images and Corbis are fighting to increase profits and are desperately trying to create new income streams. I watch the numbers, (the few that are made public,) and I remain very concerned about the prospects for photographers to sell their stock and make a living at it. By now, most clients are accustomed to subscription models and expect to pay a buck or less for images.

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 The assignment side is picking up a little bit, but the fees are not nearly where they used to be. Wedding and portrait photographers can relay horror stories of losing jobs to Craigslist amateurs who are willing to shoot for $50 or $100. This is a real and major threat to the livelihood of many professional photographers.

It’s nothing new. The photography business, as with ALL creative industries, is still in distress. The only way to make a living at what you love to do is to stand out from your competition.

So, what can you do? The answers in the TipSheet – right over on the next page. Easy. You can download it without needing to enter your email or name. 


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