The best of both of my worlds? Yes, that gets me excited. I get to combine my love for helping women achieve balanced leadership, while giving hands-on, practical business advice to creative entrepreneurs.

The rise of women is unstoppable. But without guidelines or access to knowledge about the women who are our trailblazers, it can seem like a daunting and time-consuming task to map out our path. Why not share the knowledge? Instead of stepping on each other’s backs let’s stand on each other’s shoulders!

You may not believe that quite a few women withhold information, bully other women, or side with men over their sisters. Yet the numbers I’ve outlined in my Insights Paper are clear. We have work to do, women!

Did you know that men live longer when they have wives, whereas women live longer when we have girlfriends? What does that tell us?

Sheepishly, I’ll admit I watch The Bachelor. It’s one of our mom-daughter things. Let’s remember that reality shows are scripted and only exist on drama. Nevertheless, I shake my head about the rampant jealousy and the ways women confront each other or talk behind each other’s backs. Why would any sane woman participate in this or showcase that side of herself in public? It needs to stop.

WE need to stop.

Women can do anything men can do. Yet, when (and if) we chose to be mothers things become more complicated because raising children is a full-time job. As we attempt to do both—be devoted mothers (and partners) AND building our businesses—we often end up overwhelmed. Too much to do, so little time. We need balance and we need it fast. No-nonsense resources, helpful information, and advice that you can put into action. Sans the selling and massive time commitments. Because people will go hungry if we don’t cook dinner.

Which leads me to how this (formerly) single mom/business owner came up with a German-engineered system that identifies the five steps every business owner needs to know. What I’ve learned over the years, and what my coaches told me, is that structure creates freedom.

When we identify the process behind the way we do things (and there is always a process) we can simplify our businesses. Yes, even your methods can be sliced and diced into sizeable chunks. Small, digestable pieces allow us to teach our support staff how we do things, and enable us to identify what is more effective to outsource. Let me take you through the five steps briefly:


In the first step we want to identify our special talent and our unique business opportunity. When you know what that is, it’s easy to discover what makes your offerings attractive and how best to showcase it for your raving fans.


In the second step, we focus on sales and we “tweak” these must-know PPP elements for maximum sales. That involves identifying our exact brand positioning so the ever-growing client list we establish (in step 3) will beg you for high-ticket offerings.


The third step deals with amplification. Most people use social networks without a clear and strategic approach. But there are little-known tactics that build our authority, multiply our efforts, and generate priceless exposure. These can be implemented right away.


Taking care of ourselves, of our team, and putting processes and systems in place to support our wonderfully balanced work environment are our goals in the fourth step. My proprietary time-based concept of ego-RHYTHM™ is all about strategic leadership mastery and hyper-growth. It applies to both our personal lives and our businesses.


This high-level fifth step is only for business achievers, those Creative Entrepreneurs who are aiming at seven-figure businesses. For sole owners and partnerships alike, this growth strategy element represents the exponential shift every leader can benefit from.

If this resonates with you, please check out the steps over here . Or even better, if you are on the East Coast why don’t you join me at Hartford University’s Entrepreneurial Women Center on March 23rd? The event is open to business owners and students. And yes, men are always welcome, that is if you can handle a large female audience!

You can find the info on how to register here:

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