This month to be exact on September 24th, Graphic Design USA will be publishing an extensive stock photography survey.

What’s so interesting about this? It says that 94% of all respondents use Royalty Free images and only 41% use Rights Managed.  And if that wasn’t a big enough of a blow to those of you who insist that Rights Managed is the only way you do business here is your next wake up call. 67% already are using Microstock images and 60% subscription models.

There is no question in my mind why this is such a trend and why this trend is here to stay. People, businesses and solopreneurs need more images than ever before. But, they don’t want to and most of the time they can’t afford to manage and negotiate rights and they don’t want to pay premium fees. A good enough image works just fine. This is for the majority of users. I do believe that businesses will continue to use RM for very specific uses of brand leading campaigns.

Here is the blurb and your link:


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More creative professionals are using more stock imagery for more reasons in more projects with more frequency than ever before. That is the fundamental finding of GDUSA’s 24th Annual Survey. But, of course, this has both positive and negative ramifications. A brief preview of the survey results follow, and the full report will appear in the September GDUSA magazine out next week.

— Gordon Kaye

Please click here to see the published excerpts of the survey.

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