The liveliest effusions of wit and humor are conveyed to the world in the best language.” ~ Jane Austen

Using different, more positive statements instantaneously sends different chemicals twirling around your body.

You’re changing your perspective. While this doesn’t mean that you’re now exempt from doing stuff that sucks, a positive attitude will change your perspective. For example, “I don’t like paying taxes but I do it with an attitude of gratitude because paying taxes tells me that I have a profitable business,” says psychotherapist Nancy Irwin.

Nancy has suffered from low-grade depression for most of her life, and she came to a point where she was tired of being tired, depressed and angry. She was actively searching for a way to turn her personal adversity into power. She determined that for herself depression is a choice and she began to ask herself empowering questions. How can I get past this and how can I turn this into power? Nancy learned that you can only appreciate one side if you’ve been on the other side. Only when you’ve been fat can you appreciate being thin. Only when you know what poor feels like can you appreciate being rich.

Nancy shares suggests enlisting your friends and family to keep you on track with positive statements. This way, when you slip back they can gently prod you and say “Oh, you GET TO (not HAVE TO) pick up your kids. Isn’t it great that they are taking ballet lessons”?

Are few more tools can help you manifest your desired future. These additional concepts are the underlying, and most important, principles of success you should understand and use. These principles are easier to use than you think, but they do require discipline and focus. Like anything else, the mastery of these principles requires that you study, learn, and apply each of them properly.

There are a few important mindsets and concepts you will need to employ to reach your goals.

How much of your want-it-all list you achieve depends on a few things, including your self-image. Are you generally a positive person, or do you view what goes on around you with suspicion? Do you think the world is out there to be conquered, or to get you? Do you expect great things, or does good stuff only happen to other people?

Many years ago, I worked with Douglas Walker an amazing Canadian advertising photographer who taught me one of life’s great lessons. During a break, we had a business conversation and I complained how hard it was to get jobs. He simply said all he heard coming out of my mouth were excuses. He explained that someone always gets the job and he mused why I didn’t believe it should always be me? Ouch! That changed my thinking immediately and from that moment on, I was determined to be the one who got the job.

Here are some suggestions for you to change your mindset from why you couldn’t possibly get the job, make the team, whatever it is, to being the person who gets what she wants. To every side there is another side. Every game has a winner and a loser. Your mindset must be to be the winner.

  • For every person who doesn’t get that job or contract that you wanted, someone else lands it. It might as well be you.
  • For every person who sits on the bench wanting to make the team, someone else is playing the game. It might as well be you.
  • For every person who goes through a nasty breakup, someone else is in a supportive relationship – that might as well be you.
  • For every person who loses money in the market, someone else makes that money. It might as well be you.

Let me know your list of things you want, or things you’ve made excuses for, and how you might change your language to reflect a more positive attitude. It would be great to have your reflections on this – your process is our progress. Thanks so much for sharing.

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