My own prescription for healthy is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass.” ~ Leslie Grimutter

This post comes from the Health chairwoman, Cyndi Dale, a holistic healer.

Do you find yourself reading cereal boxes, vitamin jars and even pet food sacks to assess their nutritional content? Search your bookshelves. Is there a predominant, or perhaps embarrassingly ready-to-topple-over number of titles that are dedicated to mind/body, healing, wellness, sustainability, behavioral changes, medicine, exercise, energy, nutrition, happiness, or self help?

Well, if so, you might just run on the health ego-RHYTHM™ — whether or not you prefer Prada heels to jogging shoes.

Those dedicated to health are passionate about anything that has to do with improving their own and others’ well being. The word “health” actually means wholeness, and can simplistically be defined as the commitment to evolving more wholly.

As a holistic healer, I help people figure out where the “holes” are so they can fill them in. I’ve written nine books on the topic and can most commonly be found perusing the Internet, bookstores, journals, and even traveling through jungles, deserts, and mountains to answer “one more question” about health.

When I’m not investigating, I’m bothering my friends with the phrase, “Did you know…?” (Fill in the blank with some sort of idiosyncratic memo about a supplement, the newest treatment for cancer, a cool way to meditate without having to sit too long, a terrific surgical method, or the most recently uncovered ancient Oriental/Polish/Laplander/Gregorian/Hindu/Jewish/whatever healing technique.) I’ve been known to be the only person at a party talking only to myself about these “really interesting findings” — and having a great time.

Cruising the health rhythm is an exciting approach to live. For me, it’s more than a passion. It’s a sensation—an intense dedication to personal growth, service, and learning. Achievement through this ego-RHYTHM™ necessitates that I work continually to recognize the world’s sacredness, consider the body a template for spirit, and further the integration of body, mind, and soul. To “rhyme” the health “rhythm” is to pulse with the desire to sustain—to assure enough resources and love for everyone. It’s to be whole and continually evolving into more wholeness.

Are you in your health ego-RHYTHM™ or is that an area of your life you’d rather not think about? Let us know – we’d love to hear form you. In our next post, I’ll explore one of the trouble areas for a lot of women.

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