For those of you who want to take a more proactive approach to acceptance and banishing negativity, try using what I call “The Gradual Improvement Method.”

This approach helps you mold your reality into something acceptable for you, and often includes the use of positive thinking – more of the law of attraction, which I just explained.

Let’s talk a bit about how to use the law of attraction for your own benefit. Perhaps, as I did, you’ve read The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. After I read that book, I found that I had the same response to that I’d had after reading similar books over the years. I struggled with not being able to manifest quickly enough what I perceived as the spontaneous healing process.

How is it that some people can heal themselves completely and so quickly while others, like me, seemingly can’t do it at all? The answer came to me when I read Marci Shimoff’s book Happy for No Reason. Shimoff explains some aspects of the law of attraction brilliantly. She says that sometimes our minds turn conflict into a yelling contest – good thoughts against bad thoughts – and the thought that is louder or more persistent wins.

Now, this is hardly a great spiritual concept! But how do you shut up the voices in your head that scream the cant’s and don’ts at you? I have a very easy answer for you, and it works very well.

Do what I did. Begin first by focusing your thoughts on stabilizing your situation as it is now. When you catch yourself thinking another thought of what terrible thing could pop up next, which is a sure invitation for the powers that be to do just that, think instead, “this is as bad as it is going to be and it will get better from here on.”

You continue to think ”better” until you can think ”great.” Begin to feel how much you want to be better until you do. Then think about how much you want to feel even better until you feel mostly good, then until you feel really good, then until you feel pretty great, and continue to think it until you are 100% (that is, healed/happy/wealthy/fulfilled, etc.)

It really works. If you follow the gradual improvement method with your thought process, your success rate of getting what you want will go way up.

Tell me about your way of thinking, about how you “snap out of it” when you’re not at your best. My way works for me – and I hope it works for you. But I’m really interested in the path you take, and how we can work together. Thanks so much for sharing!

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