Sports Illustrated Is So 2010

You may remember, I went to a presentation from Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Colton just a few months ago. During the presentation Jimmy showed an amazing array of imagery and then he showed a video clip. It’s only three minutes long and it’s worth watching. This clip has been around for a bit, but just in case you haven’t seen it, take a look and think about what that means for you as a.) the consumer and b.) as the content provider.

We’ve been worried about what will happen to magazines and print. Since I’ve seen this one, I am not so worried anymore because if this is what the future will hold, we’ll be in good shape. This is sexy, fast, interesting, interactive and very engaging. And most of all, these  emagazines will need so much content, easily a multiple of as many visuals as we are seeing in a traditional print magazine now.

Who are the big winners in the next round of big business ideas?

Companies that handle image policing like PicScout, whom I just interviewed for my Membership program. Dedicated to assisting content providers in minimizing theft and maximizing legal licensing options. Content management systems for consumers, where I have to say, I haven’t seen much yet that impresses me. Hardware in all shapes and sizes from iPhone, iPad to hopefully a Kindle on steroids (or Amazon will be missing this boat, just like the typewriter people didn’t invent the computer) and smaller, faster handheld’s with monster memory to travel with. Internet access to these devices (I shudder by the thought of my cell phone bill already, can’t imagine what that’ll look like with more ‘stuff’ on it) and of course app’s. But best of all – content. And means your work. Yes, for less money for sure and probably through new licensing models that don’t exist yet that we’ll be outraged about and grudgingly agree to – but it does mean more content. And I am happy about that.

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