Stop worrying about things you can’t change. ~ Chinese Proverb

A few posts back, I mentioned KARL™, your new friend. I say that because one of my readers once referred to KARL as her trusted new boyfriend.

Perhaps visualizing the concept as a caring companion can work for you as well.

Why does this method have a male name, you might wonder? Wouldn’t a woman’s name be better? It just happened to come out that way. If you are like me and love men, you should know that KARL™ is one man whom you can definitely rely on.

KARL™ is the method with which you will immediately begin to take charge of your life. The intention with KARL™ is that he will be there to help you through your daily routines. He’s the quick fix you need when you feel your head is going somewhere else, when “stuff” piles up, and when you catch yourself not focusing on the present moment.

As you begin to learn how to apply the four actions that I will outline for you over the next several blog postings, I strongly encourage you do to the exercises that I am offering. The point of these exercises is to help you understand and apply in your own life the concepts that I’m discussing.

Now, if the thought of having a stack of papers lying around to sift through doesn’t thrill you, you might want to invest in one of my ongoing Webinars where you can work alongside other women with similar goals.

In any event, you are embarking on a journey that will enable you to find out who you are and what makes you tick. This is going to require a bit of thought and quiet time so that you can really ponder about what is going to work best for you. It will be necessary to review your past as well as some of the things you say and do.

Okay, before we talk about KARL™ in further detail, let me tell you what those letters stand for:

§ Know (your rhythm)

§ Accept (where you are)

§ Relax (you might as well, as your life will continue to change)

§ Live (fully in the moment and enjoy your journey)

We’ll go much more deeply into those four actions, of course, but first, tell me where you are right now with them? Do you know where you are, have you accepted it, can you relax and do you life in the moment? If you ask yourselves these questions, and answer honestly, you may be surprised. Let me know what you think – I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

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