I’ve identified something that I call the ego-Rhythm™ concept. It’s not too difficult – but one that many of us overlooked. I know that I did until I saw it staring me in the face. So, ego-RHYTHM™ is a concept that will help you learn and recognize your personal rhythm. Understanding these rhythms will help you identify which rhythm you are currently in – yes, there are different ones! While I’ve targeted the rhythms that are mainly ones that apply to women, the concept of ego-Rhythm™ can work for men and women alike.

You begin your journey to become a more relaxed you by first meeting your new friend, KARL™. I’ll talk more about him in a subsequent posting. But let me tell you now that KARL is another concept, a representation of several tenets to follow that will help you move forward, and lessen the guilt you carry around.

Then I’ll show you how to determine what it is that you want and how to create your want-it-all list. After that, you’ll be able to identify what the main focus or main theme of your life is at this time. You will learn about the different types of ego-Rhythm™ and why it is so important to focus on the rhythm you are in while you allow the rest of your life to happen.

Infinity goes in both directions. Nothing happens only once.

Where you are right now is what you should devote the bulk of your attention to at this juncture. There are skill sets you’ll acquire to understand each particular ego-RHYTHM™ of yours and you will learn to define what those are for you. Life is about constant learning and adjusting to get to the next level or phase — or rhythm. It’s all good. You’re moving to your our own ego-RHYTHM™ and at your own pace.

My dream for you is that, over time, you can wean yourself of anxiety, cut back on therapist appointments until they’re no longer on your schedule, and understand that we really do get to have it all. Just not all at once right away.

It’s a journey to get to the point where you’ve learned how to find a good balance and you’ve gained enough experience to know what’s most important. I want to help you recognize where you are today and so you can enjoy this moment, and every moment, of your life.

Tell me, where are you now in your life? You haven’t done any of the ego-Rhythm work just yet, but you should be able to figure out where you are. It’s a start – are you at the mothering phase, or a phase of career-building, or some other one? I’d love to know where you feel you are right now, to help you see that it’s okay to be there.

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