This month I picked a topic close to my heart. It’s about LEADERSHIP. You are an artist and a business person because you are in the Photography Business.  We’ve covered this, your duality many times in blog posts and articles. But in this Tip Sheet I take a deeper look at what leadership is and what it looks like. It’s not your regular garden variety article though – it is from a very specific angle.

I examine what the differences are between male and female leadership. Why do we hate women that have too many male attributes?  And, why don’t we like the fuzzy ‘girlfriend’ leadership style either? Ever met a man in a leadership position who didn’t ‘act manly?’

So – what is the difference?

Hurry on over to the Tip Sheet page and download our latest June freebie. Find out what Leadership on CUE for women and PSP Leadership for men stands for. And right after you read the Tip Sheet I’d like you to tell me:  What are the attributes that you find desirable in men and women when they lead successfully!

Can’t wait for your feedback on this one!

Your coach


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