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This Just In: Marketing for Businesses with an Internet Presence

Love them, hate them – it doesn’t matter, you need them.  What’s it? It is a Squeeze Page. Yuck, uhg, ugly, not for me, how dare you, an insult to my creative eyes that are only used to seeing beautiful pictures. I know, I know, I have heard it all. But how do you think I got to get to over 1800 people on my mailing list in one year? May I mention I started with 0?

You see that my next free call on April 13 is about Search Engine Optimization. You can sign up here in case you haven’t done so already. SEO is very important as it gets you good rankings and traffic.

And then what?

It’s one thing to get traffic. Many of the photography websites I see on a daily basis have lousy rankings. Often your ranking is in the millions. If you want to find out how to find out what your ranking is, sign up for the call. Nobody will find your site by accident, you are invisible. The next step which is even more important is even more neglected. What exactly is your plan in converting your traffic into customer leads?

Let me guess, you probably don’t have one? The truth is, I haven’t seen many in our industry that have tackled that issue. Aside from a few colleagues and of course myself very few are using this powerful tool. For my part, I am teaching it to my private coaching clients because I want them to have a competitive advantage. You have to figure out a way to capture who comes on your site. They might be customers! You want to have this information so that you can market to them. That’s what your website should be doing isn’t it?

Here is a short video that I made with another one of my Mastermind buddies Mike. Mike’s business is to teach other businesses how to make money in the recruiting arena. While you may think that this business has nothing to do with your business I beg to differ. Any business today that has an online presence needs to utilize it to its fullest.

After you looked  at this short video I want you to get your head around what you can do to get people who come to your website to tell you who they are.  That is really what a Squeeze Page’ only job is. Again it is to entice them to give you their info in return for something you give them. Have you looked at mine? Photography Business Secrets and Free Photosecrets

What are your thoughts on a Squeeze Page? Hate it already or do you see the point?

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