The Alpha Male is Dead Long Live the New Masculine Man
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Last week I wrote an article about why feminine attributes are good for business. This week we take a look at how the role of the masculine man is changing. And yes, this is a creative business topic, albeit an unusual one.


Creative businesses strive to ultimately make a profit by providing a service or product that is perceived as valuable and/or necessary. Women make most buying decisions and largely control a family’s finances. Meaning input from women could help to understand what motivates those decisions?


Therefore, knowing the beneficial business qualities that masculine and feminine each contribute is essential to support and grow your creative business bottom line. We can use this to our advantage.


Masculine and feminine are the two energies that rule everything. Naturally then, business teams need to include both sides. If you are solopreneur, you also need masculine and feminine energies to be successful. You can develop the skills you don’t have, or you can find ways to collaborate with others who can fill in the gaps and round out your business. But don’t forget that meaningful collaboration between men and women is only possible when each of us respect and appreciate what the masculine or feminine brings to the table.


One example I tell my private coaching clients is based on my love of systems. I value systems so much that sometimes it is a mystery to me how people can’t be happy when the systems work (that’s my masculine side coming out). Today I know it’s always about the people first. I had to learn to step into feminine mode and ask the question, “Are the systems supporting the people?” Without buy-in from employees, a business can’t function and it experiences much inner turmoil.


For masculine men and women, it is important to step back from decision making, and skill improvement so you can ask yourself questions along the lines of the feminine. Does my business support people? Does this business serve the people? That will bring us more buy-in and greater loyalties from our team and customers alike.


The traditional style of the competitive alpha male in business is out.  You may have heard me half-jokingly talk about middle aged white angry male photographers. I see many of them trying to hold on for dear life to the way business used to be done. If this is you, you are a dying breed. Leadership is not effective simply because you gave the order, or because it’s how it’s always been done, or because you want to be in charge. Leadership works when your team and your customer believes in you and what you stand for.


It means your decisions have to be strong and built on collaborative team principles—not one man competitions. There are too many of us (women) who recognize that desperate power pattern and are very turned off by it. And while you may not have a big team I want you to think about your clients. You need to understand and relate to them.


Therefore the new masculine man understands the feminine is desperately needed. He expects it, he embraces it, and he makes room for it to flourish. Man and women need each other, and balance is required.


Have you noticed how our creative world is shifting with the entry of Millennials? The lines soften, the community aspect is growing, I want you to be a part of it.


Do let me know if you feel if this article strikes a cord with you. I do like to challenge your strictly creative mindset and stretch it to include trending business concepts. I always want to hear your thoughts, please share

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