Frankly, I’ve had it with bad news. Doesn’t it feel like every time we open our phones or laptops there is another Breaking News story? None of them have been good lately. Teenagers killed by their peers, families with small children mowed down by a crazy man, another guy blew himself up… People are going berserk.

My entire family and a lot of my friends live around the Munich area, so you can imagine the scare I had this past week. Luckily, they are okay. My heart goes out to those families who cannot say the same.

Where do all this anger come from?

Are you wondering where all this anger and dissatisfaction comes from that pushes people past their breaking points?

If we take a hard look at our realities, life for most of us is not a walk in the park. Perhaps like me, you have found that it is a lot of work. To pay your bills—you need to put in the hours. To build and maintain friendships—you have to put in the effort. To be in a successful relationship of any kind—you must put in the commitment and time. And then there are external worries to contend with, like health or career concerns, or the stresses associated with raising children.

All in, it’s a tall order to say the least and even the brightest and best of us feel it is a lot to manage. And then we are supposed to exercise and rest enough to stay in excellent physical and mental condition? I don’t know about you, but my day only has 24 hours.

The Superhuman Paradox

This is what I describe as the Superhuman Paradox. It is when we believe perfection is required from us in all areas of our lives. Then without fail, we buckle under the pressure when we can’t fulfill the crazy demands or our warped ideas of how life should be.

That’s when we get angry. Angry when we look at someone who appears to have it together. Angry at someone who is doing better financially than we are. Angry when we feel like the world is against us.

Before we reach our breaking points, we need to remind ourselves that every single person has issues and so many people feel the way we do.

For every tough story told there is another tougher, darker story out there. You are not alone in your feelings of disconnectedness and isolation.

Turn it to something worthwhile

To turn anger and frustration into something worthwhile is to recognize that within darkness and pain you can find the power of creativity. You see, creativity thrives on experiences, especially hard times. Without pain, we cannot know the richness of the range of our emotions.

Think of a person who achieved greatness through a happy story. Hard to do, isn’t it? That’s because greatness most often comes as a breakthrough from a hard fight.

This mindset shift repositions frustration, anger, pain, failure, and FEAR as emotional stepping stones along a lifelong journey. We want to remind ourselves that one great experience, one smile, one song, one moment can change feelings of hopelessness into hope.

Why collaboration is important

The key to accepting these blue feelings as part of a normal life experience is to avoid isolation. In isolation there is no viewpoint but your own. It is through collaboration that we can find a way out of our negative thinking.

We each have a choice. We can either shut ourselves off completely and believe only our internal voice (that likes to tell us how awful everything is), or we can make the effort to engage with other people so we can shift our communication from internal to external.

While I know this isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, I hope to give you an idea for how you can shift out of disconnectedness. Your life is so interwoven with the lives of those around you that there really is no such thing as being alone in this word. We all have something to offer. We each have something to live for. Perfection is a myth, so please be easy on yourself and on those around you.


At her lowest point, Beate Chelette was $135,000 in debt, a single mother, and forced to leave her home. Only 18 months later, she sold her image licensing business to Bill Gates in a multimillion dollar deal. Chelette is a nationally known ‘gender decoder’ who has appeared in over 60 radio shows, respected speaker, career coach, consummate creative entrepreneur, and author of Happy Woman Happy World. Beate is also the founder of The Women’s Code, a unique guide to women leadership and personal and career success that offers a new code of conduct for today’s business, private, and digital worlds. Determined to build a community of women supporting each other, she took her life-changing formula documented it all in a book Brian Tracy calls “an amazing handbook for every woman who wants health, happiness, love and success!”

Through her corporate initiative “Why Acting Like a Girl Is Good For Business” she helps companies with gender diversification training, and to develop and retain women.

If you’d like to book Beate as a speaker on New Leadership Balance or Creative Entrepreneurship for your next event please connect with me.

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